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Your First Visit

We check for pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions on the cheeks, lips, tongue etc followed by status of the gums around teeth and finally cavities and cracks on teeth or fillings, discussion on smiles makeover if needed.

If needed radiographs are taken to check the status of the teeth and surrounding structures.

Step 1

Request Appointment

If you have not yet scheduled an appointment, you may do so by submitting the booking form or by calling us at (07) 5441 4438.

Step 2

Download and Print New Patient Registration

After you schedule your appointment, we encourage you to download and print our new patient forms, so you can fill them out at your convenience. You can fax or mail them to us, or bring them with you to your first appointment.

Step 3

Get Directions

If you are unable to get directions on our location page, you may call our office at (07) 5441 4438 to get more detailed directions.

That’s it!
We will see you at your first appointment!