Why You Should Not Skip Your Regular Dental Exam

Why You Should Not Skip Your Regular Dental ExamA dental exam is a very important appointment with your dentist that involves comprehensive assessment and inspection of your oral health. The main objective of dental examinations is to prevent and detect early signs of various oral health problems before they become worse.

Dental exam not only help protect your overall wellbeing, as it also let you save money from costly dental treatments and most of all, preserve your teeth and keep a healthy mouth in the best way possible.

An Overview of Dental Exam

A regular dental exam allows your dentist to monitor your overall oral health. Your dental team will help you maintain a healthy and strong teeth in the long run as well as a mouth that is free from certain dental problems, that is if you visit them regularly. Here are the things that will happen during a dental exam:

  • Check for damaged, decayed or missing teeth
  • Inspect for early signs of cavities
  • Signs of gum disease (gum swelling, redness, periodontal pockets)
  • Inspection of previous dental work such as crowns, fillings, and root canals
  • Early indications of oral cancer and other dubious growths or cysts
  • The bite and spacing of your teeth
  • Signs of teeth grinding
  • Bleeding or inflammation on tongue and mouth’s floor or roof
  • The condition and function of your temporomandibular joint and signs of TMJ disorder
  • The overall health of the bones in your face, jaw and mouth.

Most patients are fine with two checkups every year. On the other hand, if you have special dental issues or you are at higher risk of serious dental conditions such as gum disease or oral cancer, your dentist may require you to have dental exams more often. Those that belong to a high-risk category includes:

  • Smokers
  • Diabetics
  • Pregnant women
  • A person who has gum disease
  • Someone with weak defense against bacterial infection
  • People who are prone to getting cavities and plaque buildup

The Importance of A Complete Dental Exam

We all know that a good dental care involves regular brushing, flossing, healthy nutrition and tooth-friendly habits, and they are all essential in reducing the chances of dental caries and periodontal disease. But a comprehensive dental exam can do so much more. There are many changes happening inside your mouth that can’t be perceived by your naked eye; but your dentist is trained to see the underlying problems and can make an appropriate action before your oral health became at risk. The dentist should examine their patients for oral cancer. Early detection, as well as prevention, can make a big difference in the results of treatments. Aside from this, your dentist may also offer guidance that will help you downgrade or get rid of lifestyle risk factors. Your Sunshine Coast dentist encourages you to have your dental exam at least twice a year.

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A comprehensive dental exam is more than just checkups and cleaning. A dental exam is your big step towards superior oral health and healthier lifestyle. If you want to make a great change today for your dental and general health, consult your dental care partners in Sunshine Coast here at Smiles Nambour. We are committed to providing you with the best possible care, and to do so will require regular check-ups and professional dental cleanings.

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