Why Tooth-coloured Fillings is Ideal for You?

Why Tooth-coloured Fillings is Ideal for You?There are various types of dental fillings to choose from yet if you are looking for the one that matches the natural colour of your tooth, you must opt for tooth-coloured fillings.

Dental fillings are applied as one way of restoring and protecting your teeth from further damage due to decay.

Tooth-coloured fillings are commonly used nowadays due to their numerous benefits, and one of these is how you can smile and laugh comfortably even you’ve undergone such treatment.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings: Composite Resin

Composite fillings match your teeth’s natural colour. This kind of fillings is usually made from quartz, powdered glass, silica or other ceramic materials comprised in a resin base. With its colour, this can be an excellent alternative or replacement of amalgam and gold fillings. The materials in composite filling are metal-free and can be molded to resemble your real tooth. As a result, no one can notice that your tooth has been treated with a dental filling.

Way back then, composite resins was made of a different material and was not considered to be an ideal filling to used on back teeth or molars. They can wear down easily, which makes the tooth even more prone to decay or breakage. With the help of modern technology, the numerous treatments of dentistry have improved and this includes the high-quality mixture in composite resin. Now, composite resins are proven to be safe and effective fillings for teeth.

The Advantages of Tooth-Coloured Fillings


Composite fillings blend easily with the actual colour of your teeth, unlike amalgam or silver-coloured fillings. Thus, it is the most ideal type for front teeth while resembling the real tooth.


Composite fillings are hard-wearing and can resist fracture in small to mid-size fillings. Its durability has been improved compared to the past decades.


It bonds with the tooth well and provide support to a weakened tooth. With composite filling, your dentist will remove less of the tooth for the preparation of treatment unlike with amalgam fillings.


Composite fillings don’t just fill cavities, its material can also repair chipped, broken or worn tooth.

Finest Tooth-coloured Fillings in Sunshine Coast

Your dental care partners here at Smiles Nambour provide top-rate composite fillings so you can restore and protect your teeth from further damage without changing the aesthetics. Composite fillings help you keep your teeth for longer, helping you to get the healthiest smile you can have. With our high-quality dental equipment and outstanding proficiency in dentistry, we can surely deliver superb outcomes for your oral wellness.

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