Why Get Custom Sports Mouthguards in Nambour? To Protect Your Teeth!

Reasons to get Sports Mouthguards in Nambour

Why Get a Custom Sports Mouthguard? To Protect Your Teeth!

Do you know why you need custom mouthguards in Nambour? Why people use bright shiny thing in thier mouth? Well. our dentist in Nambour has to tell you something about it.

Maybe it was the AFL or your mate who plays a lot of basketball wearing a bright, white mouthguard that first put this protective device on your radar. Many people are only familiar with them because of how prominent they are in contact sports but do you actually know anything else about mouthguards?

Here are some quality sports mouthguards for your need. 

The sports mouthguard is popular for good reason. It is very useful for preventing injuries in high-contact games like footy, rugby, basketball, or boxing but did you know wearing a mouthguard is beneficial in a lot of different situations? To name a few:

  • In athletics, prevent injury from falls and contact with equipment
  • In injury-prone recreational activities like cycling or skateboarding
  • Prevent kids’ dental and jaw injuries during sports and play activities
  • Protect trainers and workers in sports, athletics, and recreational activities

This form of protection is available to people of all ages, you can even get a custom mouthguard for braces. While any level of protection is good in impact sports, a custom mouthguard will likely be more durable and more comfortable as it is tailored to your mouth.

How much does Custom Sports Mouthguard Cost in Nambour?

Mouthguard prices can vary but are generally affordable. A kids mouthguards in Nambour from the chemist that you picked up on game day might seem cheaper than a custom mouthguard for a dental professional but if you have private health insurance, the custom product will not cost you anything!

Custom Mouthguards in Nambour, Smiles Nambour

There is no gap on custom mouthguards with private health at Nambour Smiles, so you can enjoy maximum protection from a comfortably fitted mouthguard at no extra cost, otherwise, it is only $99.

To learn more about custom mouthguards in Nambour, or to make an appointment for a fitting at our dental clinic, contact our friendly dentist in Nambour today.