What to do In Case of a Dental Emergency

What to do In Case of a Dental Emergency - sunshine coast dentist-Do you have a knocked-out tooth, or experiencing an unbearable dental pain? Situations like these call for immediate dental care with the help of a responsive dental team. Dealing with a dental emergency can be a bit difficult, but a quick and appropriate reaction can help save the tooth and the person from further harm. Read on for a handy guide of what to do for common dental injuries caused by unexpected trauma.

Dealing with Dental Emergencies


An aching tooth is of the most common causes people want to see their dentist in a hurry. A toothache has many causes; thus, it requires a professional examination to determine the best course of action in order to save your tooth with the best possible outcome.

What to do: Rinse your mouth thoroughly with mild saltwater solution or plain warm water. Take pain medications like ibuprofen or paracetamol. Don’t use aspirin and avoid applying any painkillers directly to the aching tooth or gum area. See your dentist immediately.

Knocked-out Tooth

If your tooth is knocked-out and you see no damage, don’t presume that everything will be fine. Depending on your situation, see to it first that your situation has stabilized and that you’re no longer in any danger.

What to do: Call your dentist for an emergency appointment. In the meantime, hold the tooth by the crown (the part that is visible in the mouth) not the root. Touching the root or scrubbing its surface can damage the cells needed for bone reattachment. Gently clean the tooth with milk or tap water. Keep it moist by inserting the tooth in the socket if possible. If it’s not possible, store it in a small container with milk or saliva. Don’t wrap the tooth in cloth or tissue to avoid drying out. Go to your dental professional as soon as you can.

Fractured Tooth

Teeth can be cracked, broken, or become lost due to accidents. In addition, impact injuries can result in long-term damage if not quickly checked and treated by a dental professional.

What to do: Rinse your mouth with warm water. Apply a cold compress, such as an ice pack, to the outside of your mouth to reduce swelling. Use ibuprofen or paracetamol for pain. Don’t use aspirin, as it’s known to make bleeding worse. Rinse any broken pieces and transport them in milk to the dental clinic. Immediately go to your dentist.

Other Dental Emergencies

What to do: If you bite your lip or tongue, clean the area gently with a cloth. To stop the bleeding and reduce the swelling, apply a cold compress. If there is an object caught between your teeth, gently remove it with floss but don’t use sharp or pointed tools to dislodge the object. If the situations get serious, don’t delay calling your dentist.

Dental Emergency Tips at a Glance

Quick reminders during a dental emergency:

  • Keep any tooth fragments
  • Avoid holding the tooth by the root
  • Don’t scrub or rub the surface of the root
  • Keep the damaged tooth moist
  • Don’t store the tooth in water
  • Keep the tooth and fragments clean and sterile
  • Protect and prevent further injury
  • Don’t delay seeking dental treatment

Have your own emergency dental kit:

  • Dental floss to remove lodged debris
  • Handkerchief, gauze and pressure activated ice pack
  • Pain killers such as ibuprofen and/or paracetamol
  • Small container with lid
  • Dentist’s contact information (phone numbers, home and office)

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