What Is Fluorosis?

Fluorosis results from overconsumption of and overexposure to fluoride while the adult set of teeth is being formed. This dental anomaly is is usually characterized by white or brown spots that discolor the outer surface of the dental enamel. This cosmetic dental anomaly ranges from minor changes in color to prominent dental enamel irregularities. Fluorosis usually does not appear until after the tooth has broken through the gums.

While undesirable, fluorosis is considered as a cosmetic dental solution and not a disease. In most cases of fluorosis, the discoloration can be very mild that it takes a professional pair of eyes to see it. Most documented cases of this cosmetic dental anomaly stems from taking fluoride supplement and swallowing fluoride heavy toothpaste out of habit when the drinking water is already fluoridated.


Mild cases of fluorosis barely show any visible symptoms. More often than not, symptoms are only visible to the trained eyes of a dental professional. Moderate fluorosis usually has more visible symptoms. Moderate cases of fluorosis often produce white discolored lines, streaks, and spots.

Chronic fluorosis is an entirely different story. Chronic cases  typically discolor the teeth with prominent brown, grey, and brown spot. Chronic fluorosis, when left untreated, can potentially cause shape irregularities in dental enamel.

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