Tooth Fairy Origins In Early Europe

Tooth Fairy Origins In Early EuropeThe tooth fairy isn’t among the most recognisable childhood figures for nothing.  Most parents go to great lengths in making the story of the tooth fairy as real as possible in the minds of their children.

For most parts, this is because the tooth fairy best symbolises the earliest physiological changes the people undergo during their childhood.

With the stealthy skill-set of an ASIS agent, parents slip their hands beneath the pillow to retrieve the milk tooth – leaving in its place a money bill or two. Quite interestingly, the story of the tooth fairy that most of us are familiar with today has not been around for a very long time. In fact, the modern retelling of the tooth fairy myth has only been around since the early 1900s.

In The Early Europe

In early Europe prior to 1900s, people used to burry the deciduous teeth of their children deep in the earth. For most European communities of the time, this ritual was prompted out of fear that witches might use fallen teeth to place a curse on children.

Meanwhile, in other parts of early Europe, people were prompted to perform the same teeth burying ritual out a superstitious belief that if a wild animal ends up swallowing fallen deciduous teeth that are scattered on the ground, children would grow adult teeth that resemble those of the animal.

As the modern world turned into its more industrialised pages, the mythology and the early rituals concerning the tooth fairy persisted and adapted well into changing times. From burying fallen deciduous teeth in the earth, milk teeth were planted into flowerpots, until the ritual developed into the teeth-underneath-the-pillow practice that most of us are familiar with today.

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Regardless of how the story further develops into the future, the truth about maintaining good oral health remains the same and unchanged. In maintaining good dental health, the narrative of the story is much simpler.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Use good quality dental floss or interdental cleaners. Rinse with dentist-recommended mouthwash. And perhaps, more importantly, keep regular appointment with your local dentist.

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