Tooth Decay Prevention – Start with Your Diet

Tooth Decay Prevention – Start with Your DietJust in case you didn’t know, a well-balanced diet is not just excellent for your entire body, it also benefits your precious teeth and pinkish gums. Great food choices that contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals make your teeth stronger and reduces your risk for tooth decay, tooth loss and gum disease.

How do you know the foods you’re eating are actually bad for your teeth? The hint is if it’s too sweet, too acidic, too sticky and too starchy, then you should put these food or drinks aside, as these types of foods are known to cause damage on your teeth if consumed regularly. However, there are also foods that help strengthen your teeth, and incorporating them in your diet is essential.

Food Choices for Tooth Decay Prevention

Calcium – this is a prime ingredient needed by growing children and even adults to prevent tooth decay. Calcium-rich foods include:

  • Dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese)
  • Broccoli and bok choy
  • Canned fish with bones
  • Almonds and brazil nuts
  • Dried beans

Fruits, Vegetables, Fibre – high-fibre foods promote saliva production, creating good protection against dental decay. Some fruits and vegetables are good sources of fibre such as:

  • Bananas, apples, oranges
  • Dates, raisins, figs
  • Brussels, sprouts, beans
  • Bran

Whole Grains – they are not only high in fibre, whole grains also provide B vitamins and iron to keep your gums healthy. They also contain magnesium, which is an essential ingredient for bones and teeth. Whole grain foods include:

  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain cereals
  • Pasta

Recommendations for Promoting Good Oral and General Health

Eating the right food choices is not enough to prevent tooth decay effectively. You also need to follow some tips from your dentist. Aside from eating a healthy diet, find time to exercise. Soak under the morning sun and do some simple workouts to keep your body stay fit.

In addition, don’t eat sugary foods between meals. If you love to eat sweet and/or crunchy snacks, choose those in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Moderation is also the key, so control the amount and frequency of consuming soft drinks, concentrated juices, and sports drinks. These types of beverages contain more than the recommended sugar required in a day. They don’t just promote decay and enamel erosion; they are also known to cause diabetes, obesity and heart disease. To be safe, drink plenty of water every day. Water is tasteless but it is the healthiest

Avoid eating at least an hour before going to bed, especially if you want to snack on sweet foods that contain processed sugar. When you sleep, the saliva production is very low; thus, this reduces the ability of your saliva to neutralise acid and increase your risk of tooth decay. Now you know why midnight snack is very unhealthy.

Sticking to the food pyramid is a great guide when looking for a healthy diet to follow for the wellness of your teeth and body. Moreover, be sure to keep good dental care habits every single day. Eating healthy to prevent decay is useless if you don’t take care of your teeth, and vice versa.

Comprehensive Tooth Decay Prevention in Nambour

Preventing tooth decay in the first place is crucial for your dental health. The development of tooth decay is also the start of various oral health problems. You can suffer from throbbing toothache, dental infection, gum disease and tooth loss. Therefore, engaging in prevention techniques and being committed to it is highly important. With a well-balanced diet, good oral hygiene and professional dental care, achieving healthy and strong teeth is not impossible. Consult your Nambour dentist at Smiles Nambour for a well-rounded preventive dentistry. Our dental team is dedicated to providing you with the personalised, quality dental care that you deserve.

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