The Simple Homecare for your Dental Implants

[dt_fancy_image type=”” lightbox=”0″ align=”right” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ margin_right=”0″ margin_left=”20″ width=”296″ height=”” animation=”none” media=”” image_alt=”the-simple-homecare-for-your-dental-implants-nambour-dentist” hd_image=”” image=”×300.jpg”][/dt_fancy_image]In the field of modern dentistry, dental implant technology is one of its greatest developments in the last half-century. If you happen to lose a tooth or teeth due to some dental problem or trauma, then you’re lucky enough to be able to experience the advantages of modern dental implants.

Dental implants are surgical fixtures over which tooth replacements for missing teeth can be bonded. They are implanted into the jawbone where the original tooth used to be. When it comes to dental implant homecare, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind.

Maintenance for Dental Implants

Once the healing process of your dental implants run its course, you will care for the implant almost the same way you take care of natural teeth, and this is one of the many advantages of dental implants.

In homecare for your dental implants remember these two things: gentleness and cleanliness. Meanwhile, the biggest threats to your tooth replacements are physical disruption and infection.

At Smiles Nambour, we provide you with detailed instructions of oral home care for your new dental implant so that you will have least discomfort and the fastest recovery.

Homecare for Healed Dental Implants

  • Brush daily using soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive toothpastes
  • Floss gently in shoeshine motion
  • You can use an interdental brush, soft picks, a rubber tip, or a water irrigation unit once or twice a day if recommended
  • If you experience inflammation, use a non-alcohol based, antibacterial mouth rinse. You can add this to water irrigation unit in 1:10 dilution

Post-surgical Homecare (First 2 weeks)

  • Soft diet is recommended for the first few days
  • Drink clear liquids only
  • Take all prescribed medicines to prevent infection and discomfort
  • Avoid brushing the surgical incision area
  • Avoid using an ultrasonic/electronic toothbrush for 1 to 2 weeks
  • Clean between teeth at least once a day all through your mouth but not at the surgical area
  • Do not wear the temporary dental crown if possible, in order to help the gum tissue heal
  • Use saltwater rinses or antibacterial rinses twice a day if recommended

Dental Implant Homecare at Smiles Nambour

At Smiles Nambour, we aim to restore a strong, beautiful, and problem-free tooth replacement that will give you peace of mind for decades to come. When it comes to implant technology, we only utilise the most modern technology available so you will get the safest and longest lasting treatment possible.

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