7 Foods that Stain White Teeth the Most

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A healthy smile would always consist of a healthy mouth, including sparkling white teeth. When it comes to your social, professional and personal affairs, your physical appearance always has an impact to others. So your teeth and smile are just one of the most noticeable aspects. However, there are lots of human activities that may affect the colour of your teeth. Unhealthy eating and drinking habits could distribute to these causes.

How Your Saliva Helps Uphold Oral Wellness

How Your Saliva Helps Uphold Oral WellnessThe saliva is more than just that transparent fluid that keeps your mouth moist and cool.

It is also an important part of a healthy environment in your mouth that aids in keeping your teeth and gums in excellent condition.

The production of saliva is best stimulated by chewing and starting off the process of digestion. In addition to this, saliva is also essential in keeping those oral health risks at bay.

Here are some details on how the saliva in your mouth aids in preserving and protecting the well-being of your teeth and gums.

Your Saliva Reduces The Work Of Your Teeth

One of the main functions of saliva is to lead in the initial chemical digestion of food that you ingest. This makes it a while lot easier for your teeth to do their job and break down the food. As a result, your teeth and your jaw experience less stress and pressure as you munch on your meal. This means that you are less prone to tooth damage and jaw joint disorders.

Humour Can Help You Deal With Dental Fear

Humour Can Help You Deal With Dental FearHere in Australia, there are a number of people in all ages and from different backgrounds who struggle with fear and anxiety when it comes to visiting the dental clinic.

Because of this, they would rather choose to delay or sometimes, even forego seeing their dental care partners. As a result, they do not get the necessary dental care and their oral health easily gets worse.

The good news is, there are several ways that you can follow so as to help you address your dental fear and so that you can be more relaxed as you visit the dental clinic.

Protecting You From The Consequences Of Tooth Loss

Protecting You From The Consequences Of Tooth LossTooth loss is a problem experienced by a lot of people, especially for older ones. Although this can be, at times, natural, it is actually due to a number factors.

These underlying causes include genetic influence, medical problems, dental and oral health, excessive tooth wear and tear, and injury or trauma as a result of accidents.

It is not a secret that losing a tooth drastically changes the appearance of your smile. Then again, having missing teeth has been found to affect not just your aesthetic quality, but other essential aspects of your life as well.

The Hidden Consequences Of Tooth Loss

Having missing teeth can cause unpleasant changes in your facial appearance. When a tooth is missing, the remaining teeth shift towards the direction of the vacated area. This causes changes in the bone that supports your facial structure, making you look a lot older than you actually are.

As a result of the negative effect on the beauty of your smile, tooth loss can also lead to psychological and social issues. It can significantly reduce your self-esteem. Eventually, this affects your ability to connect and converse with other people.

Addressing Tooth Loss Effectively

Here at Smiles Nambour, we aim to prevent these consequences from happening to you by providing you with a number of dental treatments that aim to fully restore the function of your bite and the beauty of your smile.

Preventing Cavity Risk Factors

Preventing Cavity Risk FactorsDespite recent advancements in modern dentistry, dental decay due to cavities remains to be among the most prevalent dental anomalies today, virtually affecting entire populations across the planet.

Truth be told, however, early stage dental decay can be prevented rather easily if you religiously keep a rigorous dental healthcare regimen. Moreover, you can further reduce the risk of being afflicted with dental cavities mainly by paying attention to the following—

Food and drinks that tend to stick onto your dental surfaces. Food and beverages that cling onto your teeth tends to provide mouth-dwelling bacteria the nourishment that are eventually excreted as highly-acidic byproducts, which ravages the dental enamel.