Stress and Oral Health: Putting the Dental Wellbeing At Risk

Stress and Oral Health- Putting the Dental Wellbeing At Risk - Sunshine Coast dentistEveryone is encountering a stressful life once in a while or frequently. Stress can cause anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Though stress may come in a positive form called “eustress,” most of the time, people experience being overstressed or stressed out, which is real unhealthy for the mind and body.

Today, stress is not only affecting the general wellbeing of a person as an increasing number of studies have revealed that stress and oral health are connected to each other. So if you are under stress today, the moment you visit a dental clinic, your dentist can tell how your teeth and gum health have changed in a not so good way.

The Impact of Stress and Oral Health Connection

Stress has many significant effects on a person’s oral wellbeing. Emotional stress can be linked to the practice of teeth grinding (bruxism), leading to damaged teeth, jaw pain and headaches.