Oral Hygiene: What happens if you don’t brush your teeth?

Oral Hygiene What happens if you dont brush your teethA significant number of studies support the connection between oral health and general health. It only means that if you keep your mouth clean and healthy, then you can uphold a healthy body too as you are more likely to avoid dental problems that may bring threat to your general wellbeing.

According to dental experts, the most important tooth care takes place at home. Daily oral hygiene that involves regular brushing and flossing including dental checkups helps prevent tooth decay and any form of gum disease. On the other hand, some people are too lazy to brush their teeth while others continue to ignore the significance of brushing. So, what really happens if you don’t brush your teeth regularly and correctly?

Skipping Your Daily Oral Hygiene: The Outcome

A breeding ground for germs: Not brushing your teeth only encourages bacteria to dwell in your mouth. The sugar and food debris stuck between your teeth permit the bacteria to thrive.