Dentist In Sunshine Coast: Electric Toothbrush VS Regular Toothbrush

Dentist In Sunshine Coast: Electric Toothbrush VS Regular ToothbrushMaintaining optimal oral health is largely a matter of regular and proper brushing. As such, most dentists recommend brushing your teeth for a full 2 minutes, at least twice a day. This, of course, comes with regular flossing and rinsing with dentist recommended mouthwash.

While the toothpaste that you clean your teeth with generally affects your oral health, it is the type of toothbrush that makes the most significant impact. Read on as your Dentist In Sunshine Coast tells you the real deal between the good old fashion toothbrush and its electric counterpart.


Both the regular toothbrush and electric toothbrush are effective cleaning tools for your teeth. The electric toothbrush works by rotating, oscillating, and vibrating. It does not require much action from the user other than for the user to hold it in position and turn it on. On the other hand, the regular toothbrush mainly depends on the manual movements of its user.

While the electric toothbrush might be technologically superior to its good old fashion counterpart, it doesn’t mean that regular toothbrush is ineffective. In fact, most dental associations around the world are in agreement that both types of toothbrush work well in cleaning the teeth. It all comes down to the methods you employ when you brush your teeth.