How Dental Infection Harms Your Body - sunshine coast dentist

How Dental Infection Harms Your Body

How Dental Infection Harms Your Body - sunshine coast dentistTaking care of your mouth is not just about keeping your teeth strong and healthy or your gums firm and pinkish. It’s also about effective prevention of serious oral health diseases like dental infections. That’s why dental professionals continue to remind us about keeping our oral health in good condition.

It has been recognised that oral infection, such as gum disease, may affect the course and manner of development of several systemic diseases like heart disease, diabetes mellitus, bacterial pneumonia and low birth weight. Dental infection can be life threatening, especially if it develops from an untreated dental abscess.

A dental abscess is a collection of pus. It develops in your teeth and spreads to the surrounding tissue. If not treated quickly enough, the infection can cause complications and fatal illness. A dental professional can help prevent this from happening.