Protecting You From The Consequences Of Tooth Loss

Protecting You From The Consequences Of Tooth LossTooth loss is a problem experienced by a lot of people, especially for older ones. Although this can be, at times, natural, it is actually due to a number factors.

These underlying causes include genetic influence, medical problems, dental and oral health, excessive tooth wear and tear, and injury or trauma as a result of accidents.

It is not a secret that losing a tooth drastically changes the appearance of your smile. Then again, having missing teeth has been found to affect not just your aesthetic quality, but other essential aspects of your life as well.

The Hidden Consequences Of Tooth Loss

Having missing teeth can cause unpleasant changes in your facial appearance. When a tooth is missing, the remaining teeth shift towards the direction of the vacated area. This causes changes in the bone that supports your facial structure, making you look a lot older than you actually are.

As a result of the negative effect on the beauty of your smile, tooth loss can also lead to psychological and social issues. It can significantly reduce your self-esteem. Eventually, this affects your ability to connect and converse with other people.

Addressing Tooth Loss Effectively

Here at Smiles Nambour, we aim to prevent these consequences from happening to you by providing you with a number of dental treatments that aim to fully restore the function of your bite and the beauty of your smile.