The Five Categories Of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Five Categories Of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Five Categories Of Cosmetic DentistryAlthough it might seem that there is a dizzying array of cosmetic treatments in dentistry, in fact they all fall neatly into five categories.

First, it is important to understand what cosmetic dentistry is – It is a method of professional oral care focusing on improvements in the appearance of your teeth, mouth, and smile. And even though cosmetic dentistry procedures are often thought of as elective treatments, they often also provide restorative and dental health benefits.

At Smiles Nambour we perform cosmetic procedures from those so simple that they only take one office visit, to those that are more complicated and involve specialized approaches.

For your understanding, here are the five main categories of cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Floss For Daily Flossing

Dental Floss For Daily Flossing

Researchers have just recently compared different types of dental floss. This study was carried out with the sole purpose of determining whether or not there exists particular advantages between different types of dental floss.

As it turns out, there isn’t any. At least, there is not a single substantial and observable difference that makes one particular type of dental floss superior to another. If there is anything that this particular study was able to prove, it is that all dental floss are relatively equal when it comes to removing loose food particles and bacteria buildup in the hard to reach corners of the teeth.

What Is Fluorosis?

What Is Fluorosis?Fluorosis results from overconsumption of and overexposure to fluoride while the adult set of teeth is being formed. This dental anomaly is is usually characterized by white or brown spots that discolor the outer surface of the dental enamel. This cosmetic dental anomaly ranges from minor changes in color to prominent dental enamel irregularities. Fluorosis usually does not appear until after the tooth has broken through the gums.

While undesirable, fluorosis is considered as a cosmetic dental solution and not a disease. In most cases of fluorosis, the discoloration can be very mild that it takes a professional pair of eyes to see it. Most documented cases of this cosmetic dental anomaly stems from taking fluoride supplement and swallowing fluoride heavy toothpaste out of habit when the drinking water is already fluoridated.


Mild cases of fluorosis barely show any visible symptoms. More often than not, symptoms are only visible to the trained eyes of a dental professional. Moderate fluorosis usually has more visible symptoms. Moderate cases of fluorosis often produce white discolored lines, streaks, and spots.

Keep 32: Anti-Cavity Molecule

Keep 32- Anti-Cavity Molecule

Ever since 2005, Chilean researchers have been on a quest to put a finger on the very molecule that eradicates Streptococcus mutans- a highly resilient strain of bacteria that is considered to be the leading cause of dental caries and tooth decay. 7 years later, this very same team of Chilean researchers discovered the “Keep 32” molecule, which when incorporated into toothpaste and other dental products can help you keep all of your 32 teeth.

Yale University molecular biologist Jose Cordova and Universidad de Chille Eric Astudillo, who spearheaded the study, remarks that the Keep 32 molecule tends to eliminate the Streptococcus mutans in under 60 seconds, thereby effectively reducing dental decay.

Further Research

The Keep 32 molecule has now become part of a much larger body of research that is centered on reducing the growth of Streptococcus mutans. In November of 2011, for instance, a team of researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles released that involved 12 participants.

Nambour Dentist Video Tips: What Are The Early Signs Of Oral Cancer?

Awareness is the most important thing when it comes to dealing with cancer. Oral cancer is one of its variations, and it is the most likely type of cancer that can spread to your brain. Prevention and early treatment is the best approach to oral cancer, and knowing its eight early signs can make all the difference between early treatment and its spread throughout your body. Here at Smiles Nambour, we can help you in avoiding oral cancer, as well as with any other dental concerns you might have. Simply contact us today and set up an appointment with us.