Sunshine Coast Dentist: What You Should Know About Smiling

A smile that is simple and sincere attracts people. From camera phones, to Facebook display photos, to the more than occasional selfies that flood every social mediaSunshine Coast Dentist What You Should Know About Smiling newsfeed available, the world has proven to be in a constant state of camera-readiness – now more than ever.

Every time you smile, you actually tell the world that you are confident enough to expose a part of yourself. Read on as your Sunshine Coast Dentist tells you a few things you should know about smiling.

Eyes Don’t Lie

All too often, people look at other people’s smile to better gauge the mood they are in. But the truth is people smile for all reasons. Apart from genuine happiness or gladness, people smile out of fear, embarrassment, and uncertainty.

While a smile that comes from the lips can be quite deceiving, the facial muscles surrounding the eyes are physically unable to lie. When people smile out of genuine gladness, their cheeks rise until the skin around their eyes gathers up.

t Is Literally Possible To Turn That Frown Upside Down

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and want to be in a better mood, you might as well force yourself to smile. Paul Ekman, PH, a leading expert in facial expressions, conducted an experiment that measured the students’ brain activity while they were made to fake a smile.

Whether the students felt happy during the experiment or they were made spontaneously happy by forcing a smile, results show that the students felt happier when they were smiling.

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