Stress and Oral Health: Putting the Dental Wellbeing At Risk

Stress and Oral Health- Putting the Dental Wellbeing At Risk - Sunshine Coast dentistEveryone is encountering a stressful life once in a while or frequently. Stress can cause anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Though stress may come in a positive form called “eustress,” most of the time, people experience being overstressed or stressed out, which is real unhealthy for the mind and body.

Today, stress is not only affecting the general wellbeing of a person as an increasing number of studies have revealed that stress and oral health are connected to each other. So if you are under stress today, the moment you visit a dental clinic, your dentist can tell how your teeth and gum health have changed in a not so good way.

The Impact of Stress and Oral Health Connection

Stress has many significant effects on a person’s oral wellbeing. Emotional stress can be linked to the practice of teeth grinding (bruxism), leading to damaged teeth, jaw pain and headaches.

Since stress and anxiety let your body produce a stress hormone called cortisol, it can weaken your immune system and make you susceptible to infections such as periodontitis or gum disease in simple term.

TMD or temporomandibular joint disorders, dry mouth, mouth sores, lichen planus, and burning mouth syndrome were also classified in a study of dental conditions that are deteriorated when a person is currently undergoing an emotional disturbance.

Furthermore, stressed people are more likely neglecting their personal hygiene routine and engaging in destructive behaviours like smoking and alcohol abuse in which all of these can bring negative impact on oral health.

Dealing With Stress and Improving Oral Health

Just because you are under stress, doesn’t mean you must ignore your oral health. It is important to focus on your oral care program and avoid smoking or alcoholic beverages to relieve stress. You should be aware that these activities are addictive and they do no good to the oral cavity.

Here are some things you can do to lessen stress in your life:

  • Turning negative situations to positive one
  • Eating well through healthy, balanced diet
  • Enough rest and sleep
  • Workouts and enjoyable activities
  • Meditation, yoga and stretching techniques

If suffering from extreme depression and anxiety, seek professional help as soon as possible.

Optimal Oral Health Wellness in Sunshine Coast

If you are bothered that stress has affected your oral wellbeing, consult a dentist today. Your dental care partners here at Smiles Nambour can treat oral health issues caused by stress and provide suggestions for improved dental care. We have top-quality, wide-ranging dental procedures that can provide excellent and effective results for your overall oral health wellness so you gain healthy, beautiful smile and uplifted mood all day.

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