At Smiles Nambour, we understand how important it is to save your natural teeth. Rest assured that we only recommend tooth extractions when it is best for you.

Common Reasons For Tooth Extractions

Severe tooth decay

Bacteria from plaque and tartar deposits attack the teeth enamel creating cavities. Poor oral hygiene and neglect can lead to tooth decay, and eventually extraction.

Dental abscess

The bacteria not only attack enamel, but they also infect pulp. Once the infection reaches the pulp, a dental abscess forms. Unfortunately, a dental abscess does not heal on its own. Only your dentist can treat it. Delayed treatment can lead to an extraction.

Impacted wisdom tooth

Sometimes a wisdom tooth may not properly erupt due to blockage or lack of space. When this happens, the impacted tooth may push the other teeth, leading to other dental issues. An impacted wisdom tooth is usually associated with swollen and bleeding gums near the wisdom tooth, pain in the jaw, bad breath, and swelling of the jaw.


Straightening crooked teeth and correcting malocclusion through orthodontics may require an extraction.

Gum disease

Gum disease, when left untreated, can cause gum pockets to deepen causing loose teeth and eventual tooth loss.

These cases show that most tooth extractions can be avoided given proper care and attention. Schedule a check-up with your Smiles Nambour dentist to keep tabs on your teeth’s health.