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At Smiles Nambour we are dedicated to providing you with the personalised, quality dental care by our professional dentist in Nambour that you and your family deserve. Experience what modern dentistry has to offer when you visit our dental clinic. We offer a comprehensive list of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments to meet the needs of the entire family.

Smiles Nambour is your family dentist offering dental services in Nambour:

Dental Technology

At Smiles Nambour, our mission is to provide you the best possible dental care by best dentists in Nambour. Employing modern dental equipment allows us to provide effective and precise solutions while reducing your time in the chair. Smiles Nambour uses CAD/CAM dentistry. It’s a state of the art approach that revolutionises the fabrication of dental restorations including dental crowns and bridges. A Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing system is composed of a scanner, a design software package, and a milling machine – all of these components are used together in the digital process of creating tooth restorations. CAD/CAM makes it possible to do same-day tooth restoration.

Comfortable Care

We aim to provide our patients with a pain-free and pleasant experience. Conscious sedation helps you overcome your fear of dentistry. A controlled mixture of laughing gas and oxygen makes you feel a bit light-headed and more relaxed as you undergo the dental procedure. With conscious sedation at Smiles Nambour, you will be more confident and less nervous the next time you visit our dental clinic in Nambour.

Same Day Dental Emergency Appointment

If you are in pain, immediately contact your emergency dentist in Nambour on (07) 5441 4438. Smiles Nambour offers emergency dental care for existing and new patients. We can fit you in. We are open from Monday to Saturday, morning until afternoon. We can provide urgent care on the same day. We will take measures to manage your pain, establish a comprehensive and precise diagnosis, and take quick action to put you at ease again.

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If you require any of our dental services or immediate attention for any emergency dentists in Nambour, call us on (07) 5441 4438 or visit us at 4/104 Currie St in Nambour. We employ the latest in dentistry and advanced techniques to give you the best treatment possible by our Nambour Dentists. Same Day Appointment Available, Request it Now!

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