Senior Dental Care: Reducing the Risks of Cavities

Senior Dental Care Reducing the Risks of CavitiesOral and dental health care for seniors has unique considerations. They are more likely to experience a host of dental problems caused by the natural aging process. In addition, many seniors are unable to receive proper oral care because of financial restrictions or due to their inability to provide good personal oral hygiene care.

Studies have shown that there is a solid connection between a person’s oral health and their overall physical wellbeing. How your teeth age will be determined by how well you’ve maintained them through the years. Just like young individuals, older people are found to be more vulnerable to cavities. Seniors who are 65 years old and older are at greater risk for dental caries and many other oral concerns. That’s why dental experts strongly urge everyone to recognise the significance of professional dental care, as it will highly benefit your overall wellness in the end.

Reasons for Higher Risk of Cavities

Aging can result in various changes in the mouth, which makes a person susceptible to cavities. The mouth may not generate as much saliva as it used to, a condition called as xerostomia or dry mouth. Certain types of medicines contribute to the occurrence of dry mouth.

Once the bacteria in the plaque encounter starch or sugar from the food you eat, they release acids that eventually can start cavities. These acids can be neutralised with the help of saliva; thus, dry mouth is a double-whammy in regards to tooth decay.

The lack of fluoride also encourages the development of cavities. Newly formed decay often appears around the edges of older fillings. Seniors are also prone to receding gums and other gum problems. Many people who are in their 50’s also suffer from tooth-root decay.

Recommended Dental Hygiene Care for Seniors

Cavities are preventable oral health problems. With the aid of in-office dental care and a good at-home oral care routine, everyone can get healthy smiles for life. Here are some tips to protect your teeth and gums as you approach your golden years.

  • Clean your mouth daily by brushing, flossing and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash to maintain oral hygiene, as ordered by your dental team
  • You may use electric toothbrushes to clean hard to reach areas of your mouth
  • Watch for any changes that occur with your mouth, teeth or gums as well as signs of temporomandibular disorders, dry mouth, gum disease, teeth grinding, and other dental-related abnormalities
  • Visit your dentist regularly for routine dental check-ups
  • Take good care of your dental appliances such as dentures and dental bridges
  • Consider meeting your dentist before and after the surgery
  • Inform your dentist regarding any medications that you are taking
  • If you suffer from arthritis or any conditions that restrict manual dexterity, consult your dentist for any recommendations that would make the practice of dental hygiene easier and effective.

Outstanding Oral Health Care for Seniors in Sunshine Coast

It is never too late to start improving your oral care habits and protect your precious pearly whites for a healthier smile today. For more information about oral health care for seniors, consult your oral care partners in Sunshine Coast at Smiles Nambour. We are committed to delivering first-rate dental care service to all ages, from children to older adults like you. Our dental specialists will assist you in your prevention program towards oral health issues and recommend a treatment plan that best suits your dental needs.

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