Routine Dental Checkup In Sunshine Coast: Tobacco, Oral Health, and How To Kick The Habit

If you are among the millions of chronic smokers around the world, you might want to think twice about smoking your next cigarette and consider the diminishing status of your oral health.

Routine Dental Checkup In Sunshine Coast- Tobacco, Oral Health, and How To Kick The HabitA growing body of clinical studies reports that smokers, at some point in their lives, are expected to experience some,  if not all, of the following symptoms as a result of chronic tobacco consumption:
[dt_list style=”1″ bullet_position=”middle” dividers=”false”][dt_list_item image=””]Persistent halitosis or bad breath[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Nicotine stained teeth[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Significant increase in tartar build-up[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Periodontal disease (also referred to as gum and bone disease)[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Jaw bone loss[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Severe tooth loss[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Mouth sores[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Abnormally hairy tongue[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Smoker’s lip[/dt_list_item][dt_list_item image=””]Delayed healing of mouth wounds[/dt_list_item][/dt_list]

Of all the vile effects that result from chronic smoking, oral cancer is the deadliest. In fact, there are more people who die from oral cancer than from cervical cancer.

Read on as Routine Dental Checkup In Sunshine Coast tells you how to kick the habit.

Routine Dental Checkup In Sunshine Coast: Perks Of Kicking The Habit

Regardless if you have been smoking for 5, 10, or 50 years, people from all age groups experience immediate health benefits after kicking the habit. Quitting significantly reduces serious health risks. Within only eleven years after kicking the habit, the chances of former chronic smokers of acquiring periodontal disease is not significantly different to people who don’t, or rarely, smoke.

A study that appeared in the Journal of American Dental Association notes that 97.5% of dental patients who quit smoking were able to resolve the mouth lesion leukoplakia within six weeks after quitting.

Routine Dental Checkup In Sunshine Coast: Kicking The Habit

Your dental experts and oral health professionals at Smiles Nambour are always ready to help you and support you whenever you are ready to quit the habit. There are a number of comprehensive dental procedures that could repair whatever damage tobacco consumption has already inflicted on your dental health. Similarly, there are a number of resources that could help you make a smooth transition toward a nicotine free lifestyle.

If you think you are ready to try and kick the habit, then it is always a good idea to figure out why and when you tend to smoke. By doing so, you are able to adapt new habits and necessary distractions that increase your chances against relapsing. This is often the first step to successful quitting.

Routine Dental Checkup In Sunshine Coast: Smiles Nambour

A significant part of Smiles Nambour’s commitment is to provide their patients with information that sufficiently informs them of their oral needs. Your local dentist is crucial in optimising your oral health in the process of quitting the habit. As such Smiles Nambour provides Routine Dental Checkup In Sunshine Coast, Nambour, Palmwoods, Woombye, and all other surrounding areas.

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