Root Canal Treatment: The Aftercare Guidelines

Root Canal Treatment: The Aftercare GuidelinesRoot canal treatment is known to be a skilled and time-consuming procedure. This is because after the root canal was treated, your tooth is prepared for the next treatment that involves dental filling or crown.

These final treatments are made to restore the treated tooth so it can last longer and gain maximum protection from further infection and damage.

Following aftercare instructions after the initial and final treatment is necessary so you can stay comfortable throughout the healing process.

Root Canal Treatment Post Operative Care

Right after your initial treatment, here are some important instructions you need to follow:


Prescribed medicines must be taken on time so as to ensure the effectiveness. You may also opt for over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen, paracetamol or any other effective pain medicines that can ease your discomfort. Don’t forget to read and follow the instructions on the label of the medicine, and make sure that you’ve had your meals before taking them.

Diet and Lifestyle

The area of treated tooth becomes numb; thus you should refrain from eating until the anaesthesia wears off so you can avoid biting your cheek or tongue. Do not use the treated tooth to chew on heavy foods since this can only trigger discomfort or fracture. While you are waiting for the final restoration, you must be careful in eating, especially when using the tooth that received treatment.

Don’t perform strenuous workouts within 24 hours after the treatment. Also, refrain from smoking during the first 24 hours. You should also reduce the number of times you smoke since smoking can only delay the healing process of your treated tooth. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks as well.

Oral Care Routine

Clean and brush your mouth normally. The tooth that has undergone root canal treatment is not exempted. On the other hand, avoid flossing if the temporary filling was applied around the space between teeth. If you experience some difficulties in cleaning or flossing your teeth, call your dentist for some assistance about the issue.

Root Canal Treatment Care Tips after the Final Visit

  • You are ready for final restoration if you don’t feel any discomfort in your tooth after the root canal treatment. To arrange your final visit, call your dentist right away to have the treatment within 2-4 weeks.
  • Restoring the tooth with the help of final filling or dental crown extends the success of root canal therapy. Skipping the final restoration may only lead to tooth loss after your root canal treatment.
  • Once the final restoration is completed, you’ll need to uphold the health of your tooth through doing proper oral hygiene every day. Also, visit your dentist for routine checkups and monitoring of the root-treated tooth.
  • Reduce your sugar intakes such as eating sweetened foods and drinks, including acidic beverages so you can reduce the risks of cavities and decay.

Safe and High-Quality Root Canal Treatment in Sunshine Coast

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