Recent Findings On Sugar Intake And Tooth Decay

Recent Findings On Sugar Intake And Tooth DecayToday, much focus is being allotted to preventing dental and oral health problems. However, studies reveal that these concerns continue to be among the most prevalent chronic diseases.

Moreover, it has been found that of the various oral health risks, tooth decay is still the most common, with an extremely high global prevalence of up to 35%. In Australia, 3 out of 10 individuals have untreated tooth decay.

So as to deal with this concern, the specific factors which are known to be the main causes of tooth decay should be considered. One of which would be the amount of sugar that you consume every day. It has long been established that there is a strong connection between tooth decay and sugar intake.

Bacteria that thrive in your mouth feed on sugar. As a result, they continue to buildup and form plaque which produces acids that continuously harm your teeth and gums. Because of this, keeping your day-to-day sugar consumption is crucial in maintaining utmost dental and oral health.

Some Guidelines On Daily Sugar Intake From WHO

In 2002, the World Health Organisation (WHO) established a set of reminders regarding daily sugar consumption, with the intent of averting the risks that too much sugar might bring such as: diabetes, obesity, and of course, tooth decay.

According to WHO, sugar should only comprise a tenth of your daily energy intake, which is equivalent to just 50 grams a day. Additionally, experts noted that the daily target must be half of this or just 25 grams. Then again, as we know it today, tooth decay and other dental and oral health problems still affect lots of people.

A Proposed Change For Better Prevention Of Tooth Decay

A recent study by experts from London looked more closely at the connection between tooth decay and sugar intake. It was then revealed that even with regular use of fluoride, the incidence of tooth decay continues to increase parallel the amount of sugar consumed. Even at the recommended daily intake of 25 grams, this can still lead to tooth decay.

The findings led the team of researchers to suggest that the current advice from WHO should be cut down further into just 3% of the daily energy intake.

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