Pain-free Root Canal Treatment in Sunshine Coast

Pain free Root Canal Treatment in Sunshine CoastMany people fear root canal treatment. In fact, this dental procedure is more feared than job interviews or public speaking. Some dental patients perceive root canal treatment as a painful procedure, but the truth is it’s not. Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain, but rather relieves it.

New technology, advanced techniques and sophisticated materials used in modern dentistry enable your dentist to perform root canal treatment as painless as possible, with little or no discomfort. Thus, root canal treatment should not be feared. This tooth-saving procedure repairs the infected tooth so you keep the tooth much longer.

Candidates for Root Canal Treatment

How do you know if you are a candidate for root canal treatment? Any person who has a decayed tooth or deep cavity, which affects the tooth pulp, is in need of this dental therapy. Other indications that you need the treatment include throbbing and persistent tooth pain, infection at the tip of the tooth root, and cracks that spread to the chamber of the tooth due to accidental trauma or injury. If the tooth infection is left untreated, you may lose the affected tooth completely, which necessitates costly and extensive procedures such as dental bridge or implants.

Get Rid of Dental Pain with Root Canal Treatment

If you have experienced some of the symptoms indicated above, it’s a good sign to visit your dentist right away. People who are in need of root canal treatment often experience trouble in eating or sleeping. This is because when the pulp becomes infected, the tooth becomes more highly sensitive to hot or cold foods. In addition, you may also develop swelling or tenderness in the gums.

Tooth remedies won’t eliminate the pain permanently. When the discomfort already affects your routine, you require a professional dental treatment to save the tooth, allowing you to enjoy things without experiencing pain. Moreover, don’t try to self-diagnose if you have felt any kind of tooth discomfort. Consulting your dentist who is knowledgeable in root canals can help you get the proper diagnosis and treatments for your case.

Don’t Delay The Treatment

Though the tooth is damaged, with root canal treatment, you can avoid extraction and preserve your natural tooth. That’s why if you have symptoms of infected root canals, don’t ignore them. The goal of root canal treatment is to save your tooth.

Missing teeth can cause various dental concerns such as bite problems and jawbone loss. Root canal treatment has a high success rate, helping you keep your tooth for a lifetime as well as prevent other dental issues. Thus, the sooner you see your dentist for the treatment, the bigger the possibilities of saving your precious tooth.

After the treatment, the tooth becomes more brittle and prone to fracturing so your dentist will recommend putting an artificial dental crown to reinforce the physical strength of the canal-treated tooth. At Smiles Nambour, we use the modern dental technology available and utilise the highest standards when it comes to root canal treatment and crown replacement.

Root Canal Treatment at Smiles Nambour

With modern dentistry, your dentist in Sunshine Coast at Smiles Nambour can remove the infected pulp comfortably and quickly with effective root canal treatment. We used advanced dental equipment and effective anaesthesia to provide you with high-quality treatment and reliable results. Smiles Nambour is always ready to provide excellent dental solutions for that healthy and beautiful smile.

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