Oral Surgery And Choosing Your Oral Surgeon

Smiles Nambour | Oral Surgery And Choosing Your Oral Surgeon | Dentist NambourIf your dentist refers you to an oral surgeon, it can cause a bit of anxiety. But in most cases, a little bit of knowledge can clear that anxiety right up. Smiles Nambour is here to share that knowledge with you!

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is also called maxillofacial surgery. Oral refers to your mouth, while maxillofacial refers to your jaws and face.

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon may diagnose, treat, or perform surgery to resolve injuries or issues in the head, neck, face, jaws and hard and soft oral tissues. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is an internationally recognized surgical specialty.

When Might You Need an Oral Surgeon?

You might need oral surgery for something as common as dental implants, or for treatment of a tumor or cyst in the jaw. Oral surgery can solve both cosmetic and reconstructive needs. Your dentist might also refer you to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for:

  • Facial pain or TMJ/TMDWisdom teeth issues
  • Misaligned jaw
  • Reconstructive surgery following an injury
  • Cleft lip and palate surgery
  • Cancer in the face, jaw or neck area
  • Obstructive sleep apnea 

Finding the Right Oral Surgeon 

Finding an oral surgeon might seem daunting, but it can be accomplished in two simple ways. First, talk to your Smiles Nambour dentist. We can talk to you about your needs, and how to fill them. In many cases we may be able to perform the procedure in-office. Second, spend time online conducting enough research to ensure you’ve made a sound decision. 

Talk to Your Dentist 

Since your current oral care provider has convenient access to your dental history and knows your case, they are most qualified to determine any procedures you may need. This means they can pair you with a surgeon who has specific skills and experience in the areas relevant to you. Your dental office may also be able to help you find someone who will work with your insurance since you’re already in their system.

Ask your dentist the following questions if they suggest an oral surgeon:

  • Why are you recommending this person?
  • Does he or she have any specialties or specific background that pair with my diagnosis?
  • Would you recommend this surgeon to a family member of yours?

Get Online

The Internet is a great source of information that can help you decide which oral surgeon to select. You can search for individual surgeon ratings. Visit popular review sites like Yelp for peer reviews, and then decide whether a particular surgeon appears to meet your needs. The Internet will help you to uncover any potentially negative concerns with a surgeon or their office. In general, trust reviews that are detailed and include a narrative. 

Match Experience to Needs

Keep your specific condition in mind as you search for an oral surgeon. Investigate their skills through their website and referrals, to be sure their skills are the right match for your case. Focus on finding those who offer the right balance of experience and price. When you talk to a potential surgeon ask for specific cases in which they performed an operation like your upcoming surgery. 

Contact Your Insurance 

Call your insurance and see who is covered in your local area. You will want to have as much insurance coverage as is possible. 

Find Out Where the Surgery Will Occur 

Many oral surgery procedures happen in a healthcare facility like a clinic or hospital. So ask some questions about that. Is the hospital highly rated and accredited? Are the surgeons and medical team experienced in your particular surgery, and what are the general outcomes? You’ll want to feel as comfortable with the medical facility as you do with your surgeon. The time to ask questions is before your operation. 

Check the Surgeon’s Education 

Do some research on the educational achievements and memberships of your potential surgeon before choosing. Oral and maxillo-facial surgery is a specialty recognised by both the Dental Board of Australia and the Medical Board of Australia. Your surgeon must hold qualifications in both medicine and dentistry.

Oral surgery isn’t something that we deal with daily, so take some time to research a potential oral surgeon to ensure he or she is the right fit for your needs. Doing so will help to provide you with the safest and most comfortable experience possible when faced with the prospect of oral surgery. 

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