Oral Hygiene: What happens if you don’t brush your teeth?

Oral Hygiene What happens if you dont brush your teethA significant number of studies support the connection between oral health and general health. It only means that if you keep your mouth clean and healthy, then you can uphold a healthy body too as you are more likely to avoid dental problems that may bring threat to your general wellbeing.

According to dental experts, the most important tooth care takes place at home. Daily oral hygiene that involves regular brushing and flossing including dental checkups helps prevent tooth decay and any form of gum disease.

On the other hand, some people are too lazy to brush their teeth while others continue to ignore the significance of brushing. So, what really happens if you don’t brush your teeth regularly and correctly?

Skipping Your Daily Oral Hygiene: The Outcome

A breeding ground for germs: Not brushing your teeth only encourages bacteria to dwell in your mouth. The sugar and food debris stuck between your teeth permit the bacteria to thrive.

Bad Breath: People who clean their mouth before going to sleep can experience bad breath. Therefore, those who don’t brush can expect to have a bad breath odour as well given that germs are allowed to reproduce.

Discoloured and Stained Teeth: There are certain foods and stuff that can stain your teeth such as coffee, tea and cola. In addition, habits like smoking can also your teeth. The stain will remain on your teeth if you don’t brush. While the stain gets darker, getting rid of it will also get tougher.

Plaque Build-up & Decayed Cavities: One of the first results of not brushing the teeth is the accumulation of plaque on the teeth’s surface, the ones that feel rough when your tongue touches the teeth. Also, aside from the bacteria in the plaque, bacteria in oral cavity gradually destroy the teeth by forming cavities. Aside from causing pain, this can also lead to swollen, infected, bleeding gums called gum disease.

Tooth Loss: Once the decay spreads, the bones that support the teeth are damaged, which results in tooth loss. Gums may also swell, and ulcers may develop

Affects your social life: There are many consequences when you have poor dental care. Having bad breath lets other people keep their distance from you because of your unpleasant mouth odour. You will also be hesitant to show off your full smile because of your discoloured teeth. Lastly, you can lose your confidence due to dental problems such as missing or decayed teeth.

Motivate Yourself to Brush your Teeth Daily

Maintaining a lovely appearance doesn’t only involve skin care but also your care for your teeth, gums and overall mouth health. If you want to have a better bite, excellent smile and unrestricted confidence, then brushing your teeth shouldn’t be a difficult task for you. Here are some tips to keep you motivated when it comes to your daily oral hygiene routine:

  • Think bad thoughts about decayed teeth or going to the dentist for an invasive treatment because of a serious dental problem. If you don’t want to hear or experience the drills and other terrifying dental tools, think about the benefits of performing an impeccable oral hygiene every day such as good looks, great health and confident smile.
  • Set up a routine like what time to brush in the morning and the evening.
  • Use an electric toothbrush. Sometimes, it is not only fun to use it also cleans your teeth better. An electric toothbrush has time to stop, giving you less worry about how long to scrub your teeth.
  • Mouthwashes cannot replace the role of toothbrushing and flossing; however they can keep your teeth in a healthier condition. They might also motivate you to brush more frequently. Choose the flavour you want so you will stick with it.

Improved Oral Hygiene with your trusted Sunshine Coast Dentist

Keep in mind that your dentist and dental hygienist can only do so much when caring for your teeth and upholding your oral health. You must also do your part. For more information on proper oral hygiene and dental care including managing dental concerns you’re experiencing, visit your trusted dentist in Sunshine Coast here at Smiles Nambour. Our remarkable and best-quality dental treatments offer effective and suitable solutions to various oral health problems so you can keep a healthy teeth and a happy smile always.

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