Mouthguards: Keep Your Smile Protected This Footy Season

Mouthguards: Keep Your Smile Protected This Footy Season

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It’s football season again! On pitches across Australia, in 5-a-side social leagues, and in the Nambour Yandina FC, players are getting into their kits and strapping on their boots.

Everyone knows what goes into sporting kit, but when you think about kit, do you think about a mouth guard? At Smiles Nambour we welcome the football season but would also like to remind our patients and neighbours the need for dental safety throughout its duration, and in all sporting events

Why Should I Care About Mouth Guards?

Many people think about mouth guards with respect to fighting sports like martial arts or rugby. Sometimes the thought extends to more violent sports like rugby or even Aussie Rules Footy. But the fact is that dentists recommend mouth guards for many, if not most, sports. Every particular sport requires a different type of protection, and in this article Smiles Nambour will lead you through what you need to know about sports, dental protection, and mouth guards.

The perfect mouth guard:

  • Stays firmly in place during play
  • Allows free breathing and speaking
  • Provides a high level of comfort
  • Is tasteless and odourless
  • Is sturdy and cleans easily
  • Reduces the chances of neck injuries and concussion
  • Protects teeth, bone structure, soft tissue and jawbone

How Are Mouth Guards Constructed?

All mouth guards share certain characteristics:

  • Constructed from highly flexible but strong material
  • Constructed from highly durable material
  • Formed to fit around your teeth to protect them and soft spots in your mouth
  • Designed to give some protection to the jaw and neck 

Three Types of Mouth Guards

Stock mouth guards can be purchased in sporting goods and drug stores. They are mass-produced, pre-formed and ready to wear. Compared to the other kinds of mouth guards these are the least expensive, fit the worst, and are the least comfortable and protective.

Mouth-formed mouth guards are either a shell liner or the boil-and-bite type. Shell liners are lined with acrylic gel or rubber that automatically forms to teeth and then fixes in place to retain its shape.

This type of mouth-formed guard is made of thermoplastic. These guards are placed in boiling water then placed onto the teeth where they form and mold to the contours of the teeth under pressure from fingers, lips, tongue and a strong bite.
While mouth-formed guards offer a better fit than stock mouth guards, they are bulky and do not give the same fit and protection as custom-fitted mouth guards.

Custom-fitted mouth guards are more expensive than the other mouth guards. But this is because they provide the best fit, comfort and protection. Custom-fitted mouth guards fit your teeth precisely. Visit your Smiles Nambour dentist who will make an impression of your teeth and a dental laboratory technician – either in the Smiles Nambour office or at an off-site dental laboratory – uses the impression to create the custom-fitted mouth guard.
Custom-fitted mouth guards are far and away the best and safest option among the three types of mouth guards.

Young Athletes and Dental Protection

Like the athlete themselves, the mouth of a young athlete experiences growth spurts. This means that a mouth guard that is perfect one year may not provide protection the next year. A dentist should take a look at a child or adolescent’s mouth before any type of mouth guard is purchased, or any sport is played. A dentist also can help recommend or customise a mouth for the young athlete.

Injuries Prevented by Mouth Guards

An effective mouth guard offers some protection from a variety of injuries including:

  • Chipped, broken, loose, or lost teeth, as well as root and bone damage.
  • Serious injuries including jaw fractures, concussions, cerebral hemorrhage, and neck injuries.
  • Cuts and bruises on the lips, tongue or cheeks. This is particularly important for for athletes wearing braces or similar appliances.
  • Protects against jaw fracture or dislocation.

Mouth guards do not protect against all injuries – All sports carry injury risks despite protection. But mouth guards do significantly decrease the likelihood of injury. What is important to know is that poorly fitting mouth guards can lead to certain injuries, which is why it is so important to visit Smiles Nambour to get a custom-fitted mouthguard.

Choose a High-quality Mouthguard at Smiles Nambour

If you or your child is interested in participating in any sport, be sure to invest in a high-quality mouth guard. Custom mouth guards from your Smiles Nambour dentist are perfect for anyone who’s into sports or who has a teeth grinding condition (bruxism). At Smiles Nambour, we provide top-quality on mouth guards with the help of our first-rate dental equipment. It’s an investment in your dental health and attractive smile!

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