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Why Fix A Crooked Smile?

There is something big about fixing a crooked smile other than achieving a better appearance. Looking good is no longer just about vanity nowadays. It has become a necessity.

Survey proved that people have negative first impressions in people with crooked teeth. But more than that, employers also admitted that they prefer to hire a person with good dental health. If there are two applicants with the same skills and ability, employers will most likely go for the one with straighter teeth.

Dr. Michelle Callahan, a development psychologist, well-known TV host and relationship expert, has been quoted several times about her summary of the study conducted by Smile Survey. “Whether we like it or not, we are often judged by our appearance. The results of this Smile Survey prove what I’ve always believed, which is the importance of an attractive, healthy smile, whether you’re socializing and networking face-to-face or virtually. Your smile has more of an effect on what others perceive about you than you think.” says Dr. Callahan.

Having crooked teeth has also a big effect in your self esteem. It will lessen your confidence to be at ease in your social interactions. It might ruin the most important moment in your life when you’re with your family, friends and colleagues. Going to a dentist in Nambour to get it fixed will definitely do you good.

Nambour Dentist At Smiles Nambour

Because having desirable dental health is already a must, experts have designed a solution to fix crooked teeth. Though braces and retainers are well known when it comes to straightening teeth, Invisalign is slowly leading up in the dental world today because of the benefits it can give. It works pretty much the same way with braces and retainers so you’ll get the same result.  Your Nambour dentist will discuss to you the advantages of using plastic aligners. The benefits of Invisalign were also mentioned in a previous blog post.

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