Humour Can Help You Deal With Dental Fear

Humour Can Help You Deal With Dental FearHere in Australia, there are a number of people in all ages and from different backgrounds who struggle with fear and anxiety when it comes to visiting the dental clinic.

Because of this, they would rather choose to delay or sometimes, even forego seeing their dental care partners. As a result, they do not get the necessary dental care and their oral health easily gets worse.

The good news is, there are several ways that you can follow so as to help you address your dental fear and so that you can be more relaxed as you visit the dental clinic.

Some Findings On Coping With Dental Fear

A research team of Swedish experts studied the different factors involved in facing and managing fear and anxiety during dental appointments. The respondents were given a questionnaire designed to analyse the usual strategies that patients use so as to push themselves to go on the dental checkup. The results showed that the following are the most common approaches used:

  • Distraction – doing other things like singing, counting, or playing mental games
  • Self-encouragement – staying strong and believing that they can withstand this
  • Prayer – asking for protection and guidance
  • Distancing – regarding the discomfort as something else which is more positive
  • Optimism – focusing on the benefits of the dental visit

Among these coping strategies, further probing revealed that patients who opted to be optimistic about the dental visit handle dental fear better and visit the dental clinic more frequently compared to those who used other approaches.

Furthermore, one study, which involved interviews of patients who were suffering from dental fear and anxiety, found out that humour is significant when it comes to helping them relax while at the dental clinic. Respondents shared that they find it easier to be comfortable when they can smile and laugh.

Researchers believe that humour helps in breaking down the barriers that cause patients to feel anxious and hesitant. By using a certain degree of humour, tension at the dental clinic is significantly reduced, resulting to a calm and more enjoyable atmosphere that has a therapeutic effect on patients.

Conscious Sedation In Sunshine Coast: A Solution For Your Dental Fear

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