How Your Saliva Helps Uphold Oral Wellness

How Your Saliva Helps Uphold Oral WellnessThe saliva is more than just that transparent fluid that keeps your mouth moist and cool.

It is also an important part of a healthy environment in your mouth that aids in keeping your teeth and gums in excellent condition.

The production of saliva is best stimulated by chewing and starting off the process of digestion. In addition to this, saliva is also essential in keeping those oral health risks at bay.

Here are some details on how the saliva in your mouth aids in preserving and protecting the well-being of your teeth and gums.

Your Saliva Reduces The Work Of Your Teeth

One of the main functions of saliva is to lead in the initial chemical digestion of food that you ingest. This makes it a while lot easier for your teeth to do their job and break down the food. As a result, your teeth and your jaw experience less stress and pressure as you munch on your meal. This means that you are less prone to tooth damage and jaw joint disorders.

Your Saliva Keeps Your Mouth Clean

Moreover, another way that saliva helps in upholding oral health is by flushing excess food particles and bacteria out of your oral cavity. This prevents the formation of plaque and tartar which are known to be major causes of gum infection. Despite this cleaning potential of saliva, it is still important to brush your teeth and floss so as to make sure that your mouth is totally clean.

Your Saliva Helps In Preventing Bacteria Buildup

Aside from flushing the pathogens and excess food particles out of your mouth and away from your teeth and gums, saliva also prevents the unwanted buildup of bad bacteria by neutralising the acidity in your mouth. This curtails the ability of bacteria to thrive inside your mouth. As a result, you are less susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health risks caused by bacteria.

Your Saliva Aids In The Repair Of Damage Teeth

Your teeth have the ability to repair their damaged parts. Then again, this can only be possible if the necessary minerals, such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphorous, are available in your oral cavity. The flow of saliva is responsible for keeping a good supply of these minerals in your mouth. With sufficient saliva flow, your teeth can readily remineralise and restore themselves.

More About Oral Wellness From Your Dentist In Sunshine Coast

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