8 Ways to go from Yellow to White Teeth

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth in 8 Ways Whiter smiles have an amazing impact on the perception of your appearance by others. A recent survey illustrates just how important a white smile is:

1) Almost everyone surveyed (99.7 percent) stated that they believe that a nice smile is one of the most important parts of appearance, especially in dating and romance.

2) Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed (74 percent) stated that the beauty of a smile affects career success.

3) When questioned about what they would most like to improve about their smile, an overwhelming majority of the interviewees replied “whiter teeth.”

If you are dissatisfied with the whiteness of you smile, Smiles Nambour suggests that teeth whitening may be the solution. The two most common methods of teeth whitening are the in-office and home whitening techniques.

Causes of Yellowing

Teeth may turn yellow for many reasons, including staining, erosion of the outer layer or a systemic process.

Smoking Stains. Smoking is a common cause of staining and can turn the teeth yellow, brown or black. A British study published in the August 2008 issue of “BMC Public Health” reported that, of the 3,384 adults in the sample study, 28 percent of smokers had severe or moderate teeth discoloration, compared with 15 percent of nonsmoking adults. Chewing tobacco also contributes to yellowing of the teeth.

Food and Drink Stains. Dark-coloured foods, drinks and spices can stain your teeth. These foods include coffee, tea, curry, turmeric, dark-coloured berries and deep-hued sauces. Some foods and drinks are acidic and produce an abrasive effect on the outer enamel surface of teeth, causing yellowing. Some foods and beverages that can cause erosion of tooth enamel and consequent yellow teeth include cola, sports drinks, orange juice, lemonade, tomatoes, cranberries, artificial sweeteners, and alcoholic beverages.

Thinning Tooth Enamel/Age. When the white outer surface layer of teeth, called the enamel, becomes thinner, it exposes the dentin — the yellow layer beneath it — thereby giving teeth a yellow appearance.

Medication and Illness. High levels of fluoride exposure in children can cause tooth discoloration. Medications such as tetracycline and amoxicillin can cause yellow teeth due to systemic effects, particularly in children. Other medications have similar effects, so always be sure to discuss side effects with your doctor.

Individual Traits. Tooth color, like many other physical characteristics, is variable between individuals, and some of us may be more prone to yellowing teeth. Men are more likely to have yellow teeth than women, although the reasons are not clear.

How to Achieve Whiter Teeth

There are many teeth whitening options available to you depending on how complex your discoloration is and how quickly you want results. With both professional dentist procedures and at home kits, there are many choices.

As you would expect, at home procedures are less expensive than office treatments, but you should also expect them to take longer and result in a less dramatic change. In some cases DIY at home treatments can actually lead to damage and discolouration of teeth.

Let’s look at these teeth whitening options in more details.

For minimal discolouration

  1. Teeth whitening toothpaste
  2. Teeth whitening mouthwash, floss etc.

For a little discolouration 

  1. Teeth whitening strips
  2. Make at home tray whitening

For more serious discolouration

  1. In-Office Teeth Whitening– This teeth whitening procedure is done here at our dental clinic. Using a peroxide-based teeth whitening gel that works upon contact with your teeth, your smile can be whitened to up to 8 shades in just a minimal amount of your time. You can even get the treatment during your lunch break! The procedure is that quick and results are instantaneous.
  2. Take Home Teeth Whitening– Another way to get brighter teeth is by doing the procedure at home using our take-home teeth whitening kit. Although not as potent as the in-office procedure, our take-home kit can give you results in a week or two. This teeth whitening method makes use of custom trays that hold the whitening gel as it works on your teeth. To make sure of the safety and effectiveness of this teeth whitening procedure, your dentist in Nambour will provide you with specific instructions and sufficient guidance in using the product.

For extreme discolouration

7. If extreme discolouration is deep in the teeth, your dentist in Nambour may suggest dental veneers

8. In cases where trauma causes discolouration, your Nambour dentist will treat the underlying causes and may recommend additional treatment including a protective mouthguard.

Teeth Whitening in Nambour

To learn more about how you can protect your precious teeth from staining and discolouration, or treat any staining and discolouration you have, consult us here at Smiles Nambour.

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