How to Control Bad Breath in Five Easy Ways

How to Control Bad Breath in Five Easy Ways - sunshine coast dentistYou use your mouth not just to eat and drink, but also to speak and express your thoughts about something. However, if you have bad breath, sharing your ideas seems constricted and talking to someone feels a bit uncomfortable.

Bad breath not only affects your confidence, but also your interaction with other people. Sometimes it can lead to shame and embarrassment, and all you can do is stop the conversation since the person you are talking to is getting restless while you talk. Fortunately, there are ways to control the unpleasant odour.

  1. Cleaner Tongue, Fresher Breath

The tongue is home to countless oral bacteria accumulating between the taste buds and other structures of the tongue. These bacteria can cause bad breath and even tooth damage if not removed by brushing or cleaning.

Every time you brush your teeth, it’s important not to miss cleaning your tongue. For a thorough cleaning, use a tool called tongue scraper, which is usually made of a soft and flexible plastic. Scrape your tongue with light pressure and brush it with less force. Cleaning your tongue helps get rid of odour-causing bacteria and keep your breath fresh.

  1. More Water, Less Mouth Odour

If you notice a lingering odour in your breath, you may need to drink more water. Drinking water keeps your mouth moist, which helps wash away food particles and oral bacteria to reduce foul mouth odour.

In addition, make it a habit to rinse your mouth thoroughly with plain water after drinking or eating anything. Water helps you keep healthy and helps your breath stay neutral; thus, stay hydrated throughout the day and quench your thirst with water rather than sugary drinks.

  1. No to Harsh-on-your-breath Foods

Some foods are just not ideal for your breath. Seasonings like garlic, onions or vinegar can linger well after mealtime so it’s better to eat them sparingly. Sweet and sticky foods may also contribute to bad breath because they tend to stay on the teeth longer and are harder to remove. Beverages such as coffee and alcohol have a drying effect; as a result, the saliva flow is decreased, allowing odorous bacteria to remain longer.

  1. Healthy Foods as Natural Breath Deodorizer

If there are foods that can cause bad breath, there are also foods that help neutralise the odour. Foods high in fibre promote increased saliva production. These foods include apples, carrots and celery, which are all healthy for you and good at combating unpleasant breath.

Foods rich in vitamin C are also effective in reducing the growth of odour-causing bacteria. Eat fresh citrus fruits or drink them in a pure juice form instead of concentrated ones. Yogurt also helps control bad breath as it has been proven to reduce the amount of hydrogen sulphide in the mouth, which is a waste product known to cause mouth odour. Herbs such as green tea, parsley, eucalyptus and rosemary are excellent for freshening breath since they have anti-bacterial properties as well as antioxidants.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle Matters

Smoking is a big risk factor of bad breath, and this should be your primary reason to quit aside from its other life-threatening effects such as oral and lung cancer. Tobacco can dry out your mouth and leave an unpleasant odour that can’t be easily removed by brushing your teeth. If you quit smoking, your breath will not only smell better, your overall oral and general health will also be in better condition.

The Key to a Healthy Mouth and Fresh Breath

If bad breath is still an issue, you may need to consult with your dental professional. Bad breath can be caused by a more serious condition such as tooth decay, mouth diseases, sinuses, throats, medications as well as even cancer or diabetes.

If you have done everything to control bad breath and you still suffer from it, then it’s time to visit your dentist for a bad breath treatment. Your dental professional will rule out underlying causes and recommend a treatment plan that will eradicate the unpleasant odour in your mouth permanently. The treatment often involves oral hygiene instructions, routine check-ups and examinations, and treatment of any mouth diseases that linked to bad breath.

Get Rid of Bad Breath Permanently at Smiles Nambour

No one wants to experience bad breath. Everyone wants to be with someone with breath that smells good, healthy and fresh like morning air. If you have a hard time dealing with halitosis despite your best efforts of getting rid of it at home, the best decision you can make is to see your Sunshine Coast dentist at Smiles Nambour. Our dental team will help improve your dental care routine and keep your teeth and gums in superior healthy condition through our top-notch dental solutions.

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