Get Perfectly Aligned Teeth, Hassle-Free, with Invisalign in Nambour

There is a more convenient way to properly align your teeth.

Get Perfectly Aligned Teeth, Hassle-Free, with Invisalign in NambourWhen you hear about realigning teeth to make them look perfect, traditional metal braces immediately come into mind. Braces are still a good way to getting that perfectly aligned set of teeth. However, there are certain issues that you should consider when getting them. This can be from how you look while you have the braces on; to the additional care and maintenance you need to think about when you get them; or to the restrictions on what you can eat.

Before, there was no alternative. Braces, combined with retainers after a certain period, were the only way to realign your teeth. Then again, those days are long gone. Today, there is a much better and easier way to get that perfectly aligned teeth with Invisalign in Nambour, Palmwoods, and Woombye within Sunshine Coast from your trusted dental experts at Smiles Nambour.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the latest in cutting-edge orthodontic teeth straightening. Unlike traditional braces and retainers that use metal and wires, Invisalign uses several dental plastic aligners. These aligners gradually and gently shift your teeth into place; this is all based on the movements planned for you by your dentist here at Smiles Nambour.

The effect of Invisalign and traditional metal-and-wire braces is practically the same: both serve to align your teeth perfectly. Both do it gradually, over several stages. Both also cost relatively the same. However, what sets Invisalign apart from traditional teeth straightening methods are its unique advantages that have never been available to patients, until now.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign provides you an opportunity to have perfectly aligned teeth in absolute comfort and convenience. Also, you can have utter confidence in how you look while undergoing the treatment. It’s as if you aren’t undergoing any orthodontic treatment at all.

First, Invisalign uses aligners made of plastic. Not just any kind of plastic, but the smooth, comfortable, and almost absolutely invisible kind. This makes them easy and unobtrusive to wear, and at the same time, cannot be seen by almost everyone. This allows you to go around as if you aren’t under any form of teeth straightening treatment.

Second, since they are just placed on top of your teeth, and are made of a single, whole piece of plastic, cleaning Invisalign aligners is a complete breeze. No need for extra flossing or special brushing. You can easily clean them by just brushing them the way you normally brush your teeth.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, you can remove it anytime you want, and enjoy the food that you normally eat. This is what sets Invisalign furthest from traditional braces. Whatever kinds of food you were eating before you got started with Invisalign, you can continue eating them; and, whenever you need to do something and you feel like having something on your teeth is a hassle, you can just remove the Invisalign aligners and put them back on afterwards.

The leading provider of Invisalign in Nambour, Sunshine Coast

The level of comfort and flexibility it provides make Invisalign the wise choice when it comes to teeth straightening. Enjoy these great benefits of Invisalign in Nambour, Sunshine Coasttoday at Smiles Nambour. We provide high quality dental care that makes you look good and feel great. Aside from Invisalign, we also offer a broad range of dental services, from tooth replacements to cosmetic dentistry in Nambour, Palmwoods, Woombye, and other surrounding areas within Sunshine Coast. Get started on having your best smile ever. At Smiles Nambour, we take time to understand your dental needs because we care for your smile.

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