Fluoride, Cosmetic, And Anti-Plaque Rinses

Fluoride, Cosmetic, And Anti-Plaque RinsesFrequent the oral health section of your local pharmacy and supermarket and you will be confronted with a wide range of mouthwash products. Mouthwashes and mouth rinses come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak. But from the consumer’s point-of-view, there are only 3 basic types of mouthwash products. These being fluoride rinses, cosmetic breath fresheners, and anti-plaque rinses.

Fluoride Rinses

Fluoride rinses helps in the active prevention of dental decay. Fluoride has long been added to the public water supply because of its ability to remineralize the dental enamel. Virtually the hardest substance in the human body, the dental enamels make for the white outer surfaces of your teeth.

Not too many people require fluoride rinses as a good part of the population is already exposed to fluoridated water and toothpaste.

Cosmetic Rinses

Cosmetic rinses are specifically prepared to make your breath smell good. Other than this, cosmetic rinses generally do not provide long-term oral health benefits. Cosmetic rinses are formulated to momentarily reduce mouth odors, thereby preventing episodes of halitosis.

There are cosmetic mouthwashes that are designed to keep bacterial growth under control, but only for a short period of time. This means that even after use bacterial populations will sprout back, soon enough. Cosmetic rinses aren’t necessarily designed to improve the status of your oral health.

Anti Plaque Rinses

Arguably the best type of mouthwash, anti-plaque rinses work perfectly well with a regular routine of brushing and flossing. While bruising and flossing are both crucial components of good dental habits, rinsing with anti-plaque mouthwash gives a significant boost to your oral health by killing a wide-spectrum of bacteria that could easily cause unwanted dental and periodontal anomalies. .

For patients who are already suffering from chronic cases of gum disease, there are more potent prescription rinses that not only kill gum disease-causing bacteria but also keep the resulting inflammation under control.

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Essential as rinsing is in keeping your teeth and gums intact, a truly comprehensive dental care still requires professional dental help.

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