Do And Don’ts After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most people ended up needing to have some or all of their wisdom teeth removed – chances are, you’re reading this article about do and don’t after wisdom teeth removal because you are in the same boat.

Anticipating your own wisdom teeth removal can be daunting but what many people actually dread is the recovery period, known to be a slow, painful, and ‘chipmunk cheeked’ process. This isn’t the case for everyone though. While you cannot speed up or predict exactly how your recovery will go, taking the right after-care measures can really help to ease the discomfort and prevent complications. Here’s how:

The DOs after Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Nambour

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Smiles Nambour
  1. Patience
    Stress will not help your recovery in any way. After wisdom tooth extraction, do not rush into your regular activities, strenuous exercise or returning to work before you feel well enough to. If you’re taking time off work, allow extra time just in case. Recovery is different for everyone, you cannot always predict exactly how it will go. Take it day by day.
  2. Apply An Ice Pack Immediately
    Extreme swelling (the classic wisdom tooth removal “chipmunk cheeks”) is typically associated with wisdom tooth extraction but it does not happen 100% of the time, especially if you use an ice pack effectively. To ease facial swelling and soreness, apply an ice pack over your cheek for the first 24-48 hours after surgery.
  3. Take It Easy
    You don’t need to stay in bed 24/7 during recovery if you don’t want to but you do need to rest following a wisdom tooth extraction in order to heal. So be sure to avoid strenuous activities, this can include tasks that are mentally taxing.
  4. Follow Dentists’ Advice For Taking Pain Medication
    Experiencing some pain or discomfort is normal following wisdom tooth removal. Your dentist will likely prescribe you some pain medication, so make sure to follow their instructions closely, especially if using over-the-counter painkillers as well.
  5. Keep Your Head Elevated
    Keeping your head elevated is recommended for 2-3 days or at least until after your extraction site has stopped bleeding. Sleeping with an extra pillow may help.

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The DON’TS after Wisdom teeth removal in Nambour

Wisdom teeth removal in Nambour, Smiles Nambour
Smoking can cause problems after wisdom tooth surgery, dentists recommend abstaining for 72 hours at the minimum.
  1. Do NOT Take Aspirin Or Any Blood Thinners
    Aspirin is a blood thinner, following your wisdom tooth extraction it should be avoided at all costs. Taking a blood thinner is dangerous as it can cause your extraction site to continue bleeding and prevent it from healing.
  2. Do Not Touch Or Poke Your Gums
    Do not forget that your extraction site is an open wound. Do your best to avoid touching the area with your tongue, finger, food, or even a toothbrush. Unless you are bleeding, there is no need to reapply gauze or anything to bite down.
  3. Avoid Smoking
    Smoking and using any tobacco products following wisdom tooth surgery can be detrimental to healing and increase your risk of developing complications. Dentists recommend smokers abstain from smoking for as long as possible or a minimum of 72 hours following surgery.
  4. Avoid Solid Food and Spices
    Spicy or solid food can reach your extraction wound. Not only will this be painful for you but it can cause serious irritation and put you at risk of complications.
  5. Don’t Use Any Straws
    The sucking motion of using a straw (same with cigarette smoking!) can irritate your extraction site by stopping a blood clot from forming which is necessary in order for the wound to heal. This is a very painful condition called dry socket which is a dental emergency. Using a straw is not worth the risk.

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