Diet Soda Is Meth Addiction For Your Teeth

Diet Soda Is Meth Addiction For Your TeethAs it turns out, chronic consumption of diet soda tends to ruin your teeth as badly as methamphetamine or cocaine. A new study contends that chronic consumption of soda might damage your mouth in the same fashion and intensity that methamphetamine or cocaine does.

Professor of Restorative Dentistry Dr Mohammed Bassiouny remarks that both methamphetamine and soda are highly acidic substances that could potentially cause a wide range of unwanted dental anomalies. Popular brands of soda typically contain high levels of citric acid and phosphoric acid, which could cause chronic dental erosion.

The Study

Indicated in Dr. Bassiouny’s study, which saw publication in the journal General Dentistry, is the curious case of 30-year old woman who for 5 years has consumed 2 liters of soda on a daily basis. The study reports that the severity of dental damage suffered by the woman is remarkably comparable to a 29-year-old methamphetamine user, and even to and 51-year-old cocaine user.

Every single one of the woman’s teeth, Dr. Bassiouny reports, were damaged and heavily ravaged by dental erosion. Bassiouny remarks, “None of t9he teeth affected by erosion were salvageable.”

Limiting Your Soda Consumption

Spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry and New York Dentist Dr. Eugene Antenucci notes that, according to his personal experience, the degree of damage inflicted by dangerous substances such as methamphetamine and cocaine is far more severe than the damage associated with soda and other carbonated drinks.

Dental damage that results from soda and other excessively sugary drinks often manifest as very deep brown stains that erodes the teeth and prompts the them to be soft and leathery. As with any other dental anomaly, prevention of dental decay is always better than cure

It is important that you try to limit your daily soda consumption, if you are unable to avoid dental erosion entirely. To this, Dr. Antenucci says that it is better if people do not drink soda altogether, but there’s rarely reason for people to go to such extreme.

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