Dentist Sunshine Coast: Starting Your Own Tooth-Friendly Diet

Here’s a 4 minutes and 27 seconds Starting Your Own Tooth-Friendly Diet video. See full transcript below.

One of the things that put your teeth and gums at risk would be your diet. Some of your favourite treats and refreshments may be putting the beauty of your smile at great risk. Before your dental and oral health gets worse, you should be able to identify which foods and drinks are good for you and which actually harm your teeth. The following are some tips from dental care experts.

Aside from maintaining a tooth-friendly diet, it is also important that you visit your trusted dentist every six months. This helps in ensuring that dental and oral health problems can be effectively prevented. Also, your dental care partners can provide you with expert advice on how to properly take care of your teeth and gums so as to guide you on your way towards optimal oral health.

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Dentist Sunshine Coast: Starting Your Own Tooth-Friendly Diet

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