Why Should You Have Missing Teeth Replaced Immediately?

Here’s a 2 minutes and 59 seconds Why Should You Have Missing Teeth Replaced Immediately? video. See full transcript below.

Tooth loss is a very common phenomenon today. It can be caused by different factors like natural ageing, unforeseen accidents, gum disease, and improper oral hygiene. Most people would take missing teeth lightly. However, this should not be the case. If not given immediate attention, this can lead to a myriad of dental and oral health issues.

Having missing teeth does not only affect the appearance of your smile. It also causes other problems like difficulty in speaking, weakening of your bite, and bone loss in your jaw. Before the situation worsens and becomes too complicated, you can prevent these grave consequences of tooth loss from happening. Your reliable Sunshine Coast dentist at Smiles Nambour can help you with several tooth replacement options that fit your immediate and long-term dental care needs.

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