Dentist Sunshine Coast: Kids Should Learn How To Floss Early

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Along with daily brushing and routine dental checkups, regular flossing helps ensure that your teeth and gums are absolutely clean. That is why it is an essential habit to develop. Then again, most parents think that it would be impractical to teach kids about flossing because their baby teeth will just fall out to accommodate the permanent teeth.

Regarding this matter, dental care experts recommend that parents should teach their kids about the basics of proper flossing by age 2 to 6. You can floss their teeth at first so that they can be more familiar about how it is done. See to it that you use a dental floss that is soft and flexible to ensure that their teeth and gums are free from any harm or discomfort. By the age of 10, kids should have already developed proper flossing habits.

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Dentist Sunshine Coast: Kids Should Learn How To Floss Early

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