Dentist Sunshine Coast: Breath Fresheners From Your Cupboard

Dentist Sunshine Coast Breath Fresheners From Your CupboardAs it turns out, you don’t have do resort to using artificial mints and chemically loaded mouthwash to refresh your breath. While brushing still gives you the best chance of counteracting episodes of bad breath, there are more than a few things in your cupboard that could revamp your breath in a jiffy.

Fresh Mint

Mint doesn’t have to be chemically prepared for it to be effective. Chewing on a leaf of two does a fantastic job of refreshing in sour mouth. Alternatively, you can also freshen your breath by sipping on mint tea.


If your meal comes with parsley, try reserving it until after you had your meal. Parsley contains high contents of chlorophyll, which is a natural mouth deodorizer. Consider adding a spring of parsley when preparing especially pungent foods to ward off the aftertaste and the nagging monster breath that typically follows.

Anise Seeds

Anise seeds are especially appealing to the senses because of its licorice flavor. To use, simply chew on a few anise seeds as people in the middle ages have done so in the past. Be careful, however, not to chew on too many, as too many anise seeds can be a little overpowering.


Coriander is the perfect breath freshener for people who find mint leaves a little too strong and a sprig of parsley a little too boring. Apart from being an effective breath freshener, coriander comes with a green lemony flavor that is just irresistible.

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