5 Commonly Asked Questions about Dental Fillings

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Learning about dental fillings is an important step you can make for your smile. However, there is only one best way to put your knowledge to work for your oral health, and that is by visiting a great, skilled dentist. At Smiles Nambour, we love helping our patients understand what is going on and what the treatment is all about.

5 FAQS About Dental Fillings

  1. What are the types of materials used for dental fillings?

Back in the day, materials for dental fillings are limited and not as impressive as today. There are a number of different options available as the modern dentistry continues to evolve and progress. These materials can range from the less expensive to the most costly as well as controversial filling material.

The most common types of filling materials are porcelain, silver amalgam, and composite resin. Others

Ceramic and glass filling or porcelain fillings are very stain resistant, retaining its original colour longer than composites. Silver amalgam fillings are highly durable and suited to prolonged chewing; however, due to its colour, they don’t match the natural shade of the teeth but a good option for patients who want to get affordable fillings. Composite fillings offered a more natural aesthetic than silver amalgam and used to repair chipped ad broken teeth.

  1. Will dental plans cover the cost of white fillings?

Tooth fillings are commonly covered by dental plans; however, majority of insurance plans cover the least expensive type of dental fillings. The cost of filling differs from clinic to clinic. It depends on your provider whether the treatment is fully covered or not.

  1. Why temporary fillings are recommended?

Your dentist may recommend a temporary filling to be used as protective barrier while you wait for a secondary filling to be designed and cast. Any repair procedure involving more than one appointment often requires temporary filling, as it is not safe for cavities to be exposed. Moreover, emergency fillings might also be needed if the patient is suffering from severe pain caused by decayed tooth.

  1. How to keep your dental fillings lost-lasting?

With proper dental care, most fillings can last for several years. How long fillings should last depends on the position, shape, materials used and functioning pressure. Larger fillings tend to break down more quickly due to heavy load than smaller fillings. During placement of fillings, the dentist may have an idea how long fillings should last and they constantly monitor your fillings in a check-up. That’s why routine visits are crucial. Your dentist will look for any signs of weakness, cracks, decay or discolouration.

  1. What happens next after the treatment?

Once the treatment is done, expect an increased level of sensitivity, which will be experienced for around 2 to 3 weeks. As the days go by, the sensitivity will gradually lessen and become tolerable. For most patients, the discomfort is often mild and temporary. However, if the pain and sensitivity don’t go away, your dentist may need to make some changes to your filling. Some patients may find this frustrating, but this is an important process in creating a dental filling that will last for long.

Long-lasting Dental Fillings in Nambour from Smiles Nambour

Dental fillings are a safe, fast and inexpensive way of treating decay and cavities. If you think you may need a filling, it’s important to make an appointment with your Nambour dentist at Smiles Nambour as soon as possible. Your Nambour dentist will address your questions and concerns regarding treatments, explaining options available to you, the procedures involved and the overall cost. At Smiles Nambour, we only use the finest materials for our restorations to offer high-quality, long-lasting treatment you and your smile deserve.

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