Dentist In Sunshine Coast: The Advantages Of Dental Implants

Dentist In Sunshine Coast: The Advantages Of Dental ImplantsTooth loss ages people in more ways than you can imagine.

People with missing teeth have their lips and cheeks collapsing inwards. Additionally, missing teeth shortens the natural distance between their nose and chin. As a result, tooth loss makes people look a lot older than they actually are.

The sunken and aged appearance of people affected with tooth loss is mainly a result of two factors. First off, losing a teeth directly translates to losing the anatomical framework that supports the soft tissues of the both the lips and cheeks. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, tooth loss eventually leads to jawbone deterioration.

What Are Tooth Roots?

Natural tooth roots are designed not only to hold the teeth in place but also to keep the jawbone dense and strong. While replacing your missing teeth with traditional dentures it practically restores your smile, it doesn’t do much in terms of restoring the natural structure and density of your jawbone.

Dental implants, however, go beyond restoring your smile. Usually made of titanium, they are designed to effectively simulate the form and function of natural tooth roots. Once they are already in place, they are essentially allow the jawbone to preserve its natural strength and density.

Looking Younger With Dental Implants

The most noticeable thing about people with dental implants is that they appear to be wearing an all-natural smile. Virtually appearing to be no different from a set of real teeth, dental implants are designed to be permanently implanted in the jaw for a lifetime of youthful smiles. Apart from appearing perfectly natural, dental implants restore proper bite and counteract jawbone deterioration.

Dentist In Sunshine Coast

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