Dentist in Sunshine Coast: 9 Common Foods That Cause Bad Breath

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Bacteria are often the culprit of bad breath. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once a day, cleaning your tongue, and regularly rinsing your mouth with dentist recommended mouthwash as frequently as necessary are often enough to keep halitosis at bay.

Gastrointestinal Health

If bad breath persists despite your attention to proper dental hygiene, then you might want to take a second hard look at your diet. Most doctors and dental experts recommend that you eat right. By keeping your body nourished with a well balanced diet that consists of proteins, carbohydrates, adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, you keep your gastrointestinal tract health and free of halitosis causing agents.

There are certain foods that leave unwanted odours in your mouth, in more ways that you could imagine. Click on play as your Dentist In Sunshine Coast shares with you 9 foods that most commonly cause bad breath.

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Dentist in Sunshine Coast: 9 Common Foods That Cause Bad Breath

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