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Why Dental Implants In Nambour

For the last ten years, dental implants have become a more in-demand solution for replacing one or more teeth. Dental implants look, feel and function like a natural tooth. They are restorative dental treatments made of titanium. Implants are surgically placed into the jaw to fill the gap caused by tooth loss and replace the missing roots to place crowns or bridges.

Depending on your case, your Nambour dentist will give you a proper recommendation on what type of dental implant placement best suits your needs. Dental implant placements include single implant, multiple implants, implant denture and implant bridges.

Benefits of a Dental Implant

A dental implant has several benefits. Like the roots of natural teeth, it stimulates the jawbone when you chew. This preserves the jawbone and keeps it healthy. Also, an implant is strong, comfortable, and secure. When the restoration is in place, the implant looks and feels much like natural teeth. Other remarkable benefits of dental implants include:

How is an Dental Implant Used?

A Dental implant can support a variety of restorations, such as a single crownmulti-unit bridges, and full arch dentures. Some restorations, like a single crown and most bridges, are not removable. Others, like many full-arch dentures, can be removed for cleaning and before sleeping.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Depending on the situation, placing a dental implant involves several phases, and treatment times can widely vary. First, we determine if a implant is right for you to provide the best dental implant in Nambour. We discuss your health history and treatment goals and perform a comprehensive examination to check the health of your gums and jawbone. We determine if you need any additional procedures, such as bone grafting or gum surgery.

To begin the procedure, a channel is shaped in the jawbone, and then the dental implant is placed into the prepared space. At this point, it may be possible to place a temporary restoration. Over the course of the next few months, the dental implant will become securely fused to the bone. The last step is to attach your beautiful final restoration to the implant.

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Restore your Smile with High-quality Dental Implants in Nambour

Dental implants, Nambour residents agree, can seem daunting and altogether nerve-wracking. We understand — dental implants are considered surgery after all. But, at Smiles Nambour, you’ll be in the hands of some of the best periodontist Nambour-wide.

Whether you’re missing a tooth, one of your teeth has decayed beyond repair, or you’ve recently lost a tooth due to an accident, we have the best treatments for dental implants in Nambour has to offer.

After the procedure, you’ll have a lot to smile about. It’s the best way to feel like yourself again without any missing or rotten teeth.

Implant dentistry is the most sophisticated and advanced way to replace missing teeth. Experience it today here at Smiles Nambour. Dental implants restore your smile and chewing functions like you’ve never lost a tooth. Our highly skilled dental surgeons in Nambour have extensive knowledge in implant dentistry to provide you with the best possible results – natural-looking teeth, healthy bones and complete smile. Try dental implants at Smiles Nambour today.

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Most dental attachments depend on your unique complexity. Inserting dental implants requires a highly technical procedure so the cost varies from patient to patient. Typically, most dental implants start at $5400 (please ask the client for the exact price).

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. You may choose between full and partial dental implants to replace single or multiple teeth. Before dental implants can begin you will have to go through a consultation that includes x-rays, photographs and more, from our experienced dentists.

Treatments are divided through multiple appointments which can take up to 6 months (please ask the dentist).

Please contact your dental insurance provider to gain a better understanding of your insurance. Our friendly receptionist staff will assist you in claiming the rebate after the treatment ends.

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