Dental Floss For Daily Flossing

Dental Floss For Daily Flossing

Researchers have just recently compared different types of dental floss. This study was carried out with the sole purpose of determining whether or not there exists particular advantages between different types of dental floss.

As it turns out, there isn’t any. At least, there is not a single substantial and observable difference that makes one particular type of dental floss superior to another. If there is anything that this particular study was able to prove, it is that all dental floss are relatively equal when it comes to removing loose food particles and bacteria buildup in the hard to reach corners of the teeth.

The Study

In a recent study conducted by periodontal experts at the University of Buffalo, 60 adults who have developed mild cases of gingivitis were distributed into two groups. The first group was given the instruction to use only waxed nylon dental floss. People who belonged to second group, on the other hand, were given instruction to used only wide polytetrafkuorothylene floss.

At the start of study, and in the course of 2, 5, and 6 weeks subsequently, researchers evaluated the participants for plaque, gingivitis, and overall health. 5 weeks into the study, the participants were instructed to switch dental floss types so the study becomes comprehensive enough to determine whether the participants prefer one type than the another.

In a rather conclusive fashion, researchers were able to determine that both types of dental floss function at the same level of efficiency in terms of reducing plaque buildup and improving the overall periodontal health.

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For people who are still getting used to flossing, or for those who have sensitive gums, it is ideal to start with PTFE floss mainly because it is generally softer and cleans gentler than the regular floss.

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