Dental Crowns: What You Need to Know

Dental Crowns: What You Need to Know

Dental crowns are an appliance or “cap” that can cover damaged teeth and repair cosmetic or functional damage. They are extremely durable, attractive, and can save you money.

Some of the situations crowns are right for include:

    • Holding dental bridges in place
    • Replacing a damaged or missing filling
    • Protecting a decayed tooth
    • Capping a dental implant to create a functioning tooth
    • Restoring the appearance and function of broken teeth

Capping a dental implant to create a functioning tooth

  1. Crowns are adaptable. A dentist can give you a crown that matches your natural teeth. The color, shape, and size of a crown can be adjusted so that a crown can give you back your beautiful smile.
  2. Crowns can be a substitute approach to other dental procedures that are more costly.
  3. Crowns can be used to cap extremely large cavities and prevent the necessity of having to perform a root canal.
  4. Crowns act like your natural teeth. Crowns are roughly the same shape, size, and feel as your teeth, so they feel natural in your mouth. Because of their strength and permanence they also function like natural teeth. They can restore your confidence in biting and chewing.
  5. Crowns are long-lasting. A crown is expected to last from five to ten years and some last even longer. Many insurance plans automatically cover crown replacement after five years, so your only expense on the crown is the initial procedure.
  6. Crowns can also protect weak teeth and prevent the need for their extraction. A crown “recreates” a tooth’s original strength and function.
  7. Crowns stay in place nearly permanently. Because they are fixed in your mouth, they do not move around. Some dental appliances can move, drop out, or be lost, but once crowns are in place? They stay there!


“The up to 25-Year Survival and Clinical Performance of 2,340 High Gold-Based Metal-Ceramic Single Crowns”

This study tracked the success rate of 2,340 crowns installed by one specialist.

It showed that at 10 years, the success rate was 97% (2,270 crowns that lasted over a decade).

At 25 years, the success rate was 85%.

That’s 1,989 out of 2,340 crowns that lasted over 25 years.

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