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Dental Braces In Nambour, Sunshine Coast

If you have crooked teeth and/or an irregular bite, there is a wide array of treatments options that can help straighten teeth.

Two of the best options are dental braces and retainers.

If you receive these orthodontic treatments, your dentist or orthodontist will first ask questions about your health, conduct a clinical examination, take impressions of your teeth, photos of your face and teeth, and X-rays of the mouth and head.

A personalised treatment plan is drawn up based on the analysis of the gathered information.

There are times when a removable retainer will be the only thing needed.

In rare cases, when there is an extreme irregular bite, orthodontic surgery may be required.

In most cases, however, traditional braces will be called for.

Treatable Cases

Dental braces offer corrective treatment for:

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Advantages of Dental Braces

Corrects Bad Bites

Bad bites can cause problems with eating if your teeth don’t fit together. Luckily, braces help to realign the upper and lower parts of your mouth.

Prevent Gum Diseases

Periodontal Gum diseases can result from not taking good care of your teeth and gums. With misaligned teeth, it is easier for food to become stuck between teeth.

Prevent Tooth Decay and Cavities

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems caused by not cleaning your teeth properly.

If spotted early, cavities are easy to treat. If you leave them alone to grow, however, they will need more advanced treatment, which can get expensive.

Braces arrange your teeth properly so you can clean your mouth better. Reaching between small spaces between your teeth is essential to their health and durability.

Help with Digestion

If your teeth are misaligned, your mouth can’t chew food into small bits. Your stomach has an effortless time digesting small bits of food, but not large chunks of it.

Prevent Injuries

No one wants to have damaged teeth, and protruding upper teeth are especially at risk of accidents. Since dental braces specialise in straightening teeth, they help to avoid injury from these kinds of accidents.

Prevent Bone Erosion

Bone loss is an issue related to misaligned teeth that occurs when bacteria starts wearing away bones. Dental braces help realign the teeth to prevent this from happening.

Boost your Self-Esteem

Dental braces can play an important role in boosting your confidence.

One of the best things about having braces is how much they can raise self-esteem by improving facial appearance. Over time, braces help to create a great smile.

Help with Facial Proportions

Some of us are unlucky to be born with misaligned teeth and bite. Braces help move your teeth and jaw into a better position, making your lips and jaw more proportionate to your face.

Improve Speech

Who knew that misaligned teeth influence the way we speak words? Misaligned teeth and jaw make it harder to enunciate distinct sounds.

Similar to the well-being and aesthetic improvements that can come with braces, having straightened teeth dramatically improves the way you pronounce words.

Is there anything braces can’t do?

Dental Braces at Smiles Nambour

Having crooked or misaligned teeth is often unpleasant.

Imagine speaking but having others focus on your teeth, eating but the food gets stuck between your teeth, or holding back your smile when you are happy.

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For straighter teeth and a more confident smile with braces, Nambour dentists at Smiles Nambour are here to provide high-quality dental care. We boast the best orthodontists — Sunshine Coast locals agree — to help straighten your smile and present a whole “new you” to
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