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Dental Abscess In Nambour, Sunshine Coast

A dental abscess is a serious dental emergency that is often misunderstood as temporary. It is the formation pus in the site of an infection. A dental abscess can occur inside a tooth, gums, or in the bones that hold the tooth. Once it begins to develop, it won’t go away on its own, and will only worsen if left unattended.

If you notice pus forming in your mouth, do not hesitate to call your Smiles Nambour dentist right away. Same day emergency appointments for dental emergencies are guaranteed to keep your oral health in tip-top shape.

Dental Abscess: Causes And Symptoms

The pus accumulated in a dental abscess is composed of dead white blood cells, and is yellowish with a foul smell. It develops one or two days after an infection in the mouth.

Hence a dental abscess is not the real problem – it is an indication of a more serious underlying dental issue threatening your oral health. This dental issue is what causes the infection from which a dental abscess develops.

The following are the possible causes of a dental abscess:

Aside from the visible formation of pus, a dental abscess can also have the following accompanying symptoms:

What To Do

If you have any of the above symptoms, call your dentist immediately. First aid steps offer temporary relief but they do not treat the real problem. Remember, a dental abscess won’t go away or heal on its own- only a dentist can treat it and make sure it doesn’t come back.

For dental abscess, follow these first aid steps:

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Dental abscess treatment is incredibly serious. It’s certainly not something you can put off. Make sure you book an appointment immediately with one of our trusted and friendly dentists at Smiles Nambour.

We understand that a dental abscess is extremely painful. We ensure our tooth infection treatment options are as pain-free as possible. And if you’re nervous about going to the dentist in general, we’re committed to making your feel safe and calm during every procedure.

We don’t want to give you any reason to avoid dental infection treatment. We can assure you that you’ll find our Sunshine Coast dental clinic to be warm and inviting. Plus, you’ll be in much less pain AFTER proper treatment.

Smiles Nambour is your trusted dentist for your dental needs including dental emergencies. We offer quick and efficient care so you can be free from pain as soon as possible.

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