How to maintain a pearly white smile all summer long

Whilst you enjoy the hot weather this summer make sure you maintain your oral hygiene routine.

Treats such as ice cream and icy poles may cool you down on a hot summers day, but the high sugar content breaks down the enamel on you teeth, which causes tooth decay and other dental issues.

Here at Smiles Nambour, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you start the year off with perfect oral health.

Improving Your Dental Health Through Diet | Dentist Nambour

Improving Your Dental Health Through Diet

Improving Your Dental Health Through Diet | Dentist Nambour To prevent cavities and maintain good oral health, your diet – the foods you eat and how often you eat them — are key factors. The environment in your mouth begins to change the moment you put food in it.

Bacteria in the mouth convert sugars and carbohydrates from the foods you eat to acids, and it’s the acids that begin to attack the enamel on teeth, starting the decay process. The more often you eat and snack, the more frequently you are exposing your teeth to the cycle of decay.

The good news is, on the flipside, that you can protect and even improve your dental health by making better dietary choices, choices that Smiles Nambour is happy to share with you. Below, you will find a list of 10 foods that can help you achieve optimal oral health!